Intel® Professional Edition Compilers 11.1 Fixes List

NOTE: Defects and feature requests described below represent specific issues with specific test cases. It is difficult to succinctly describe an issue and how it impacted the specific test case. Some of the issues listed may impact multiple architectures, operating systems, and/or languages. If you have any questions about the issues discussed in this report, please post on the user forums, /en-us/forums or submit an issue to Intel Premier Support,  The fixes list for Intel® IPP Library 6.1 can be found here.

Update 10 (Itanium only, posted June 2012), Package IDs below


DPD200003596 C, C++, Fortran Inefficient pslrqi intrinsic code generation
DPD200027318 Fortran Empty pgopti.hpi file causes ifort to suffer memory access violation
DPD200139165 Fortran internal compiler error

Update 9 (Posted July 2011, only Itanium bits updated), Package IDs below


DPD200008225 C Code generation error. Flags sent to status field 1 not 0.
DPD200020978 C ip-lite inlining prevents unrolling
DPD200033297 Fortran loop fails to parallelize with 10.0
DPD200039175 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with /Qdiag-enable:sv1 /check:bounds
DPD200041386 C, C++ NLSPATH environment variable interferes with man
DPD200047647 C++, C Support __sync_add_and_fetch
DPD200139165 Fortran internal compiler error
DPD200149175 Fortran ASSOCIATEd variables cannot be viewed in the Microsoft Visual Studio* debugger
DPD200151609 C Feature Request: support __builtin_hypot
DPD200160981 C++ 7% performance drop
DPD200164003 C++ LRA fix for no-spill registers, fix attached
DPD200164604 Fortran ifort 11.1 update 8 seg fault during installation; not recognizing valid license
DPD200164637 C icc probably uses 32-bit int as array index
DPD200164981 C++ Avoid merging basic blocks that have different contexts
DPD200166683 C++ (0): internal error: backend signals
DPD200169338 C++ Linking error (incorrect section naming in object files generated by compiler)

Update 8 (Posted December 2010), Package IDs below


DPD200003485 C, C++ Customer requests a list of warnings and error message
DPD200011647 C++ Unoptimized loop
DPD200021820 C++ Feature Request: To indicate which argument to -W it is ignored.
DPD200035052 C, C++ icpcbin does not check /opt/intel/licenses for license file any more
DPD200041872 Fortran Ifort 11.0 failed on -O0/O1
DPD200120035 C++ How to use kmp_set_defaults OpenMP* API ?
DPD200136883 C++, C Add intrinsic synonyms for missing math Gnu __builtins: isfinite, isinf, isnan, isnormal
DPD200139949 C++, C Opt level 1 (-O1) causes v11.0 internal error in RHE4
DPD200141089 C++ -xAVX on Mac OS* X produces an invalid warning with 11.1 compiler
DPD200150201 Fortran Internal Compiler Error on 11.1 Source checker
DPD200156066 C++ Attributes aren't permitted on template instantiations
DPD200156071 Fortran deftofd crashed on x64 Win7 system.
DPD200157243 Fortran lcube roots generated with -fp-model precise are inaccurate
DPD200158864 Fortran option -openmp cause the application FDS segmentation fault
DPD200159209 Fortran Incorrect result from loop distribution
DPD200159294 C++ Long "perform" branch
DPD200160561 Fortran dec$attributes causes error on enumeration.
DPD200161035 C++ icc: Internal Compiler Error: (0): internal error: backend signals
DPD200161166 Fortran FPP not accepting long lines
DPD200161492 C++, C internal compiler error when /tmp is not writable
DPD200161618 Fortran -warn all creates bad interface file
DPD200162183 C++ Intel 11.1 compiler 64bit binary generated object file fails to link on Mac OS X

Update 7 (Posted August 2010), Package IDs below


DPD200008298 Fortran complex exponentiation has less accuracy than with CVF
DPD200008324 Fortran Feature Request: "Comment" issues are not seen in Visual Studio* .NET
DPD200008385 Fortran Warning when doing a divide by zero
DPD200008771 C++ emulation of Microsoft* bug on template class name injection causes problem
DPD200012483 C++ Some cases where redundant compares could be removed
DPD200033219 Fortran Static Verifier detection of missing PRIVATE or REDUCTION clause
DPD200037577 C, C++, Fortran switch -static-libcxa should not change compilation or linking anymore
DPD200039892 C, C++ Extra spill and fill Causes performance drop with icc as compare with gcc 4.2.0
DPD200049576 C++ Static Verifier: bogus error #12143 accessing struct stat members
DPD200120686 C++ Message catalog error of Japanese version
DPD200135482 C++ 7% performance drop in stressVector from 11.1.016 to 11.1.023
DPD200139181 C++ Snow Leopard*: "Bus error" on test executing if compile via icpc , if compile via g++ test it is ok
DPD200139634 C, C++ incorrect conversions when using /RTCc switch
DPD200140048 Fortran, C++ Missing traceback with OpenMP* threads activated
DPD200148861 Fortran OpenMP* program gets access violation -at Od or -O0
DPD200148934 Fortran Internal error - segment fault - abstract interface, derived type, procedure pointer
DPD200149215 Fortran single code file produces error at -O2, separate code file does not
DPD200149658 Fortran libimf: Code Seg Faults in sqrt with -fpe1 and -r16
DPD200149932 C++ support for __builtin_fpclassify for gcc >= 4.4.1
DPD200149942 Fortran unused array leads to incorrect alignment and seg fault
DPD200150033 C, C++ ipo: link error: bad reloc symbol index
DPD200150375 C, C++ icc compiled on Nehalem outputs a runtime fatal error as unsupported cpu.......
DPD200150438 Fortran F2003: wrong error #6796 from the select type construct
DPD200150474 Fortran incorrect reduction loop after inlining and vectorization
DPD200150589 Fortran Incorrect "name does not have a type" followed by "out of order or missing USE" Internal Compiler Error
DPD200150641 Fortran Incorrect output for ALLOCATABLE array in threadprivate directive
DPD200150698 C++ ld: warning: can't add line info to anonymous symbol
DPD200150885 C (0): internal error: backend signals
DPD200151107 Fortran Incorrect error message for threadprivate variable which is initialized
DPD200151327 Fortran internal compiler error (C0000005)
DPD200151355 C++ icpc error: more than one user-defined conversion
DPD200151381 Fortran, C++ XILINK internal error: backend signals with one source compiled /Qparallel
DPD200151555 C, C++ Can't open file for write
DPD200151584 Fortran Error 173 for deallocate of pointer defined by pointer assignment to polymorphic
DPD200151690 Fortran catastrophic error: **Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised**
DPD200151691 Fortran Internal compiler error on check bound.
DPD200151996 Fortran ifort 11.1 Internal Compiler Error for MODULE
DPD200152118 Fortran ifort 11.1 NaN only at -O1 per post scheduler
DPD200152179 Fortran ifort 11.1 Internal Compiler Error with warn -all
DPD200152255 C Linux kernel: icc generates function call to __svml_urem4 with -ffreestanding
DPD200152284 C, C++ bad result when turned on opt 33 - DOING [HLO] Preprocess Loopnests (33) (last opt)
DPD200152438 Fortran Internal compiler error
DPD200152454 C++ Smaller stack frame with LRA
DPD200152456 C++ Allow GRA use at -O0
DPD200152478 C++ Multiway scheduler problem
DPD200152545 C, C++, Fortran Install gives "The following required for installation commands are missing:" error even though is installed
DPD200152572 C compiler crash- backend signal
DPD200152803 C, C++, Fortran svml_dispmd.lib not replacing svml_disp.lib when /MD is specified (or /libs:dll /threads)
DPD200152867 Fortran runtime crash with 11.1 udpate 5
DPD200152923 C (0): internal error: 0_1375
DPD200152955 C, C++ ipo inappropriately removing symbols in presence of -export-dynamic
DPD200153083 C++ wrong result of variadic function in multiple inheritance
DPD200153347 Fortran Compiler optimization bug on nested if clause
DPD200153565 Fortran Procedure returns the wrong result on Mac* Nehalem system
DPD200153585 C++, C _mm_crc32_u64() intrinsic bad code when compiled with -O0
DPD200153823 C++ incomplete type not allowed on use of outer class in declaration of array in nested class
DPD200153824 Fortran skipped assignment statement at -O1
DPD200154288 Fortran, C++, C Xcode* 3.2.2 causes Internal READ exceeding bounds, Mac OS X* 10.6 x64
DPD200154339 Fortran Right click on derived type variable in VS debugger causes Visual Studio* internal error
DPD200154486 C++ Compiler barrier on Linux IA32 for global variable issue
DPD200154557 C Backend signal when linking .o's and .a's on Mac*
DPD200154706 Fortran Error 8313 for deferred binding that is overridden, round 2
DPD200154819 Fortran Compiler uses all of memory - crashes system
DPD200154890 C++ Unnecessary moves are being generated by the compiler
DPD200155281 C++ internal error: assertion failed
DPD200155492 C++ Internal compiler error when zero initializing an array
DPD200155624 C++ IPO optimization call-by reference arguments to call-by value arguments - Segmentation fault due to alignment
DPD200155765 C++ fopen on temporary files resulting in bad permission setting
DPD200155939 C++ Loop distribution for vectorization result in data mismatched for ia32 binaries on Mac OS X*
DPD200156039 C++ Generated offsets are wrong in the symbol table
DPD200156110 C++ Regression - Problem resolving "virtual thunk"
DPD200156203 C, C++ KMP_MONITOR_STACKSIZE default setting too low in some instances, causes runtime error from OpenMP* library
DPD200156242 C++ internal error (0)
DPD200156944 Fortran OpenMP* loop collapse(2) results incorrect answers (regression)
DPD200157069 Fortran Compilation hang
DPD200157071 Fortran Incorrect results when permitting Loop Fusion(after Linear Transformations)
DPD200157108 C Bigendian: Incorrect constant generation in symbol table for complex types
DPD200157182 Fortran ifort 11.1 incorrect results with /automatic
DPD200157549 C++ Optimizer messing up with errno Linux global variable
DPD200157564 C++ incompatibility on Gnu dependent name lookup when function call contains member function
DPD200157566 C++ Icc fails compilation while gcc does compile fine.....
DPD200157618 Fortran Internal compiler error caused by assume protect_parens.
DPD200157980 C++ instantiation of template class used in dynamic_cast causes compilation errors
DPD200158482 C++ IPO eliminates function call incorrectly.
DPD200158715 C Memory Leak found in kmpc_set_blocktime()

Update 6 (Posted April 2010), Package IDs below


DPD200008231 Fortran IA64 -O3 cause slowdown when comparing serial run to OMP 1 threaded run, md.f
DPD200008769 C, C++ Need include file with supported intrinsics for IA64
DPD200010963 C++ ICL does not allow implicit float->int conversion on template type
DPD200014201 C++ const prop causes internal error: 0_1227
DPD200028046 Fortran Static Verifier,EM64t/Win:wrong war#12040:'arg 1 doesn't conform to dummy arg'
DPD200028090 Fortran Static Verifier,Win.EM64t:wrong warn if "actual intrinsic is called as subroutine"
DPD200030248 Fortran 3x slowdown on triads IA64 per __kmp_barrier compared to serial version
DPD200034339 Fortran Feature Request: Static Verifier to work with multiple libraries
DPD200035473 Fortran Stepping into function argument list .... need to step through arguments
DPD200037613 Fortran Enabling autoparallelization produces different results
DPD200039129 Fortran Two Error Detection by Static Verfier
DPD200040694 Fortran Add pointer to support landing page to "Uninstall" error message
DPD200041800 C, C++, Fortran binutils reportedly undectectable on OpenSuSE 10.3
DPD200082929 Fortran Internal compiler error related with the incorrect handling of the PRIVATE statement
DPD200086718 C internal error: backend signals
DPD200087206 C, C++, Fortran Propagation of floating point settings
DPD200090354 Fortran Excessive compile time/memory usage with -check bounds and permitting phase Early Predicates Optimization
DPD200137805 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for allocatable argument in an OpenMP PRIVATE directive
DPD200137827 C++ Error messages getting wrong line numbers on pre-processed file with blank lines
DPD200138383 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: in use_associate_entity and other ifort front end bits
DPD200138701 C++ Dependencies check for
DPD200139206 C++, C Batch build does not support Visual C project using TBB
DPD200139634 C, C++ Incorrect conversions when using /RTCc switch
DPD200139849 Fortran Mac: call out of range, rel32 out of range. main with large static plus internal procedures
DPD200140114 Fortran Incorrect size of LOGICAL variable is displayed during the debugging
DPD200140126 C, C++, Fortran disable IPP shared libs from initializing OpenMP RTL
DPD200140398 Fortran Incorrect parse of continued character constant in format
DPD200140451 Fortran Wrong results when routine expanded inline
DPD200140701 C, C++ optimization problem
DPD200140826 C Linux kernel: symbol `per_cpu__kstat' is already defined
DPD200141028 Fortran Source analysis gives incorrect error "called as subroutine" for CLOSE statement
DPD200141108 Fortran Source analysis gives misleading "arg 1" error
DPD200141228 C++ Internal compiler error when using -RTC1 with -Qdiag-enable:sc1
DPD200141398 Fortran IFORT - Internal compiler error when openmp enabled.
DPD200141410 C++, C Feature Request: does not generate SBR file and icl gives error "problem with Microsoft compilation"
DPD200141415 Fortran Version incompatibility introduced for allocatable variables in 11.1
DPD200141579 Fortran Incorrect parse of valid variable name, like is23_
DPD200141584 Fortran Internal compiler error for call to type-bound procedure named USE
DPD200141695 C, C++, Fortran some OpenMP libraries are marked as executable stack required
DPD200142261 Fortran Incorrect order for index's calculation of array.
DPD200142334 Fortran OpenMP stack error in 11.1 and mainline
DPD200142485 Fortran Wrong type-bound procedure called with override
DPD200142557 C++ Vectorizer hang if -xSSE4.1 and ivdep pragma used.
DPD200148269 Fortran Incorrect error 6678 for pointer assignment to a type-bound procedure returning a pointer
DPD200148482 Fortran Internal compiler error - segV involving allocate of CLASS variable using SOURCE=
DPD200148508 Fortran Structure constructor with deferred-length character elements reuses length from previous constructor
DPD200148646 Fortran etime returns negative values with IA32 compiler on multicore
DPD200148717 C, C++ global code scheduling causes += to triple
DPD200148742 Fortran Runtime error when allocating a polymorphic variable with -gen-interfaces
DPD200148763 Fortran Runtime error on second occurence of the loop at -O2
DPD200148788 Fortran Incorrect results for SELECT CASE (:max,value,min:) at -O1 or higher
DPD200148838 C, C++, Fortran OpenMP: System error #126: The specified module could not be found
DPD200148864 C++ boost shared_ptr to class object containing omp_lock_t crashes at exit in __kmpc_destroy_lock
DPD200148889 C internal error: backend signals: icc: error #10014: problem during multi-file optimization compilation (code 4)
DPD200149096 C, C++ Intel® Debugger for applications running on Intel® 64 caught signal "Segmentation fault" (11).
DPD200149214 Fortran Mixed-mode arithmetic for array in structure constructor gives Internal Compiler Error
DPD200149246 Fortran ifort 11.1 '-align all' no longer implies '-align records'
DPD200149293 Fortran Wrong results for elemental, real MOD in initialization expression
DPD200149469 Fortran Source checker outputs spurious error #12143 for variable set by internal read
DPD200149522 Fortran PXFSTAT does not accept path containing spaces
DPD200149542 C++ Longer scheduled Software Pipelining II causes 22% performance drop.
DPD200149584 Fortran idb Abort trap: (malloc: pointer being freed was not allocated) when using ifort -check options (bounds, uninit, pointers)
DPD200149629 Fortran Loop Distribution causes incorrect output when -O3 enabled
DPD200149688 C++, C Enhance -fpermissive to allows conversion of int to enum type
DPD200149729 Fortran Internal Compiler Error in negative test
DPD200149810 Fortran Error 8212 for structure constructor of extended type
DPD200149857 C++ icc/icl 10.x/11.x Internal Compiler Error 0_456 per const prop if and only if -openmp/-Qopenmp given
DPD200149861 C++ Compiler generates erroneous code when openmp is eanbled
DPD200149866 Fortran STAT(filename, statb) does not report read and write permissions correctly for directories
DPD200149915 C++ allow thread specifier on template static data member definitions
DPD200149962 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when compiling some ISO_C_BINDING code
DPD200149988 C++ icc: EXPR type checking error on x86_64 (linux/mac)
DPD200150156 Fortran READ with ADVANCE='NO' from STREAM FORMATTED file causes heap corruption
DPD200150202 C++ pop_stop_token_stack: wrong number of pops
DPD200150235 C++ typeid(*this) leads to runtime fail on Mac OSX
DPD200150462 C OpenMP Internal Compiler Error when var is of pointer type: non-conformant to OpenMP 3.0 specs
DPD200150474 Fortran incorrect reduction loop after inlining and vectorization
DPD200150553 C _BitScanForward64 bug
DPD200150589 Fortran Incorrect "name does not have a type" followed by "out of order or missing USE" Internal Compiler Error
DPD200150622 Fortran Regression in loop distribution yields wrong results
DPD200150643 Fortran Segmentation fault for !$omp do lastprivate(A) with A allocated in serial region and shared on parallel region
DPD200150768 Fortran error compiling type-bound subroutine call
DPD200150777 C++ Static variables of static inline function are not identical when loaded from Library and main at -O2
DPD200150928 Fortran Regression in loop distribution starting in 11.1.046 to current including mainline
DPD200151009 Fortran Wrong IVF compiler version is showing in MSVS* while using devenv
DPD200151017 Fortran ASSOCIATED(procedure-pointer) gives error 6423: This name has already been used as an external function
DPD200151036 C++ Can't build static library on Mac - libtool does not support -no_compact_unwind
DPD200151083 Fortran Bad standards warning #7374 for SIGN with second argument a PARAMETER
DPD200151085 Fortran Incorrect parse of WRITE with user-defined unary operator
DPD200151137 Fortran Internal compiler error related to syntax error calling type bound procedure
DPD200151170 Fortran Out of memory error with Forttran Windows 11.1.060
DPD200151295 C++ Exception catching problem when using boost::variant and boost::any
DPD200151323 Fortran Memory leak -- space allocated for temporary array not cleaning up.
DPD200151355 C++ icpc error: more than one user-defined conversion
DPD200151460 Fortran IMSL installer did not get rebuilt for "access denied" fix
DPD200151490 C++ icpc rejects valid C++ code
DPD200151541 Fortran F2003 Internal Compiler Error with /Zi
DPD200151593 Fortran TBPRocsym missing for this typebound procedure; causes internal compiler error
DPD200151649 C++ Endian problem with c99 _Complex float
DPD200151714 Fortran Included file not treated as dependency when in another directory
DPD200151732 C++ undefined reference to virtual thunk
DPD200151927 Fortran Internal compiler error - very sensitive to source code, even if not used
DPD200152321 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: segmentation fault with IA64 11.1 compiler
DPD200152657 C compiler stuck in infinite loop with nested field designator of non standard anonymous union

Update 5 (Posted February 2010), Package IDs below


DPD200013691 C, C++, Fortran -par_report0 doesn't suppress "LOOP WAS AUTO-PARALLELIZED" remark
DPD200031656 Fortran Static Verifier: wrong error #12145:'function is called as subroutine' on user defined operator
DPD200042165 Fortran Request to install updates on networked computers.
DPD200048780 Fortran Incorrect address handed to C-Fortran interoperable function
DPD200048863 Fortran ifort 11.0 BIND(C,name="") produces object files with empty symbol names
DPD200049105 Fortran ifort 11.0 unsupported COPYIN or FIRSTPRIVATE directive
DPD200049774 Fortran Floating Point Exception flags/parameters have duplicate entries in IFCORE and IFPORT
DPD200085168 Fortran Inconsistent auto-parallel result for -par-report{1/2} and -par-report3
DPD200087029 C++ assertion in be_value_from_constant on pointer to member constants
DPD200088226 Fortran Feature request to restore old behavior of compiler to print to console even when not specified
DPD200088248 Fortran /Qmkl:cluster is calling wrong library mkl_blacs.lib
DPD200109795 Fortran Hanging/Segmentation Fault/access violation with option -Qopenmp-threadprivate:compat
DPD200110026 C++ internal error: backend signals when -pch used.
DPD200119438 C Installation doesn't recognize gcc version
DPD200119863 C++ unhandled exception in FNPLicensingService64.exe
DPD200136051 Fortran Internal compiler error with -cluster-openmp
DPD200136228 Fortran Failure to display elements of a large 1-D array
DPD200137359 Fortran Back-end Internal Compiler Error for ASSOCIATE construct with expression selector
DPD200137835 C bad FP status in __libm_sse2_exp2f
DPD200138312 C++ Loop distribution for vectorization causes incorrect output.
DPD200138351 C++, C incorrect warning for referencing thread-local-storage variables when using "__declspec( thread )"
DPD200138680 Fortran Visual Studio* 2008 Shell reports 'rc.exe not found' after uninstall of earlier compiler version.
DPD200138840 C++, C Exception for 2D double precision AVX Code
DPD200138941 C, C++ /Qparallel causes "loop dependency"
DPD200139150 Fortran Test case causes Visual Studio* Debugger to report two Parallel Debugger Extension Exceptions
DPD200139180 Fortran OpenMP*: random results with PARALLEL DO
DPD200139205 C++, C OpenMP* barrier clause followed by return stmt should be legal
DPD200139356 C non-initialized registers in libimf.a &
DPD200139410 C++ on Snow Leopard on efi2mac_release test fails with unexpected message "ld: in /tmp/ipo_iccClfHi9.o, ObjectFileAddressSpace::mappedAddress(0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFC) not in any section"
DPD200139523 Fortran SIGSEV occurs due to returning of an allocatable array from function
DPD200139576 C++, C #pragma once does not work correctly for case sensitive file name
DPD200139637 C an error in mmintrin.h
DPD200139752 C++, C Internal compiler error with memory reference collapsing in parallel optimization restructuring
DPD200139849 Fortran Mac OS X*: call out of range, rel32 out of range. main with large static plus internal procedures
DPD200139895 C++ Fatal error in /opt/intel/Compiler/11.1/046/bin/ia32/mcpcom
DPD200140112 Fortran Program gives incorrect results in case of the OpenMP* compilation
DPD200140125 C++ Microsoft* compatibility on allowing template parameters in nonstandard specialization
DPD200140185 C++ Microsoft* Compatibility: namespace mismatch causes link error
DPD200140190 Fortran IFORT hang up
DPD200140204 Fortran Internal compiler error for non-conforming code - calling type-based-procedure on non-polymorphic reference to an abstract type
DPD200140224 C, C++ collapse clause on OpenMP* parallel loop nest ignored / compiler crash
DPD200140235 C illegal optimization regarding Linux* "errno" results in incorrect code being generated
DPD200140446 Fortran Error 8178 for procedure pointer assignment even though interfaces match
DPD200140455 C++ Bug with std::locale and debug builds in 11.1
DPD200140473 C, C++, Fortran idb.el not shipped in 11.x Compiler Pro IA-32 or Intel® 64 packages; version shipped on IA-64 is NOT setup to run idbc
DPD200140551 C vectorization regression: simple reduction is not vectorized anymore but pre-High Performance Optimization does
DPD200140682 Fortran Internal compiler error when processing module dependencies
DPD200140688 Fortran Order of USE causes error for polymorphic type pointer assignment
DPD200140779 C++ icc code runs 2x slower than Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2005
DPD200140796 Fortran Call through pointer to type-bound procedure supplies incorrect "this" argument
DPD200140826 C Linux* kernel: symbol `per_cpu__kstat' is already defined
DPD200140940 Fortran /Qdiag-error promotes warnings to errors, but still incorrectly produces an .obj file
DPD200141027 Fortran Source analysis gives incorrect character variable size mismatch errors
DPD200141399 Fortran Support of Microsoft* VSIP API - compatibility with CM tool
DPD200141407 C++, C wrong code generated for GNU-style inline asm
DPD200141619 C Parallel Composer Install with Visual Studio* 2005 TBB issue
DPD200141623 Fortran Incorrect errors for source with dummy argument declared as PROCEDURE
DPD200141624 Fortran Error 8178 for procedure pointer assignment when interface comes from module
DPD200141626 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for call to generic with extended type argument
DPD200141627 Fortran Access violation on call to type-bound procedure, deferred in original abstract type
DPD200141637 C++ unresolved external symbol on __declspec(dllimport) symbol where a local extern symbols is also created
DPD200141692 C++ lookup problem with nested class and template parameter name
DPD200141699 Fortran Error 7129 case-value is out of range, on Linux* Intel® 64 only
DPD200141715 Fortran Internal Compiler Error occurs on Mac OS X* due to HLO
DPD200141726 Fortran Visual Studio* IDE: Errors occur when building multiple projects in parallel
DPD200141737 Fortran Bad code for reference to integer or real component through class pointer in array
DPD200141787 Fortran Internal Compiler Error occurs during compilation of the FoX-4.0.4 distribution
DPD200141791 Fortran access violation with recursive subroutine
DPD200141793 Fortran : tbk_stack_trace is not signal safe
DPD200141817 Fortran internal error
DPD200141820 Fortran Internal error
DPD200141852 Fortran Internal compiler error for structure constructor of extended type
DPD200141855 C Oracle: Coverage report fails to recognize not feasible markers.
DPD200141872 C Regression with icc 11.1
DPD200141931 Fortran ifort 11.1 compiler abort on OpenMP* code
DPD200141935 Fortran Internal compiler error regression involving derived types
DPD200142060 Fortran Array constructor [,,] still not thread safe
DPD200142154 Fortran RTL __cpowq gives incorrect output.
DPD200142265 Fortran READ(*,*) hangs when compiled with /fpscomp:general
DPD200142274 C++, C Compiler crashes when working with precompiled headers using boost headers
DPD200142313 Fortran Internal Compiler Error interaction of -save -fp-model strict
DPD200142326 Fortran Intrinsic __mm__idivrem_epi32 is undefined in 11.1 compiler
DPD200142333 Fortran 11.1 compiler hang duing compilation
DPD200142385 Fortran Access violation for scalar pointer in NAMELIST
DPD200142424 Fortran Compiler 11.1 catastrophic error with class
DPD200142454 Fortran Access violation for pointer assignment to polymorphic array element
DPD200142458 Fortran Compilation of unused modules corrupts debug symbol information
DPD200142529 Fortran Compiler Hang after error message: : error #6458
DPD200142541 C++, Fortran vectorization causes code generation bug
DPD200142555 Fortran Internal compiler error: internal abort
DPD200148280 C, C++ compiler fails with internal error: 0_1270
DPD200148330 Fortran Error 8313 complaint of deferred binding not being overridden, but it is
DPD200148382 Fortran ATTRIBUTES DEFAULT does not prevent "assume nounderscore" from changing name
DPD200148442 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: Global register allocation phase
DPD200148444 Fortran Fortran 2003 Internal Compiler Error on derived type pointer assignment
DPD200148476 Fortran Segmentation fault when traversing the 'next' pointer of an extended type using same variable on lhs and rhs
DPD200148483 Fortran Program generates error #8234 for what appear to be type compatible types.
DPD200148655 C Internal error with -O3
DPD200148660 Fortran failure in Parallel Optimization restructuring
DPD200148669 C Mem-opt Detection [CACHEOPT] leads to stores in wrong locations
DPD200148732 Fortran Internal Compiler Error in 11.1
DPD200148744 Fortran Incorrect argument type mismatch (6633) error for extended type where base type is not accessible
DPD200148787 Fortran IDE crashed if build configuration was deleted on a different machine
DPD200148818 Fortran Fortran bug regarding passing "class" arguments.
DPD200148932 Fortran PROCEDURE declaration naming abstract interface causes error 6418 (already assigned a data type) in later contained function
DPD200148942 Fortran Internal Compiler Error on Function returning pointer with BIND(C)
DPD200148948 Fortran pointer assignment fails when the left had side is a pointer to a pointer
DPD200149035 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with 11.1.054 Fortran
DPD200149104 Fortran Wrong offset for inherited component of extended type with /Od and /check:bounds
DPD200149132 C++ 10% performance regression on Snow Leapord Vs. Leopard with specific application
DPD200149307 Fortran Using ipo with optimizer executable segmentation faults as compiler set incorrect size of variable in a common block
DPD200149555 Fortran -heap_arrays silently ignored
DPD200149637 Fortran, C++ Visual Studio* working directory (Properties > Debugging > Working Directory) does not accept relative path for either Fortran or C++
DPD200149962 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when compiling some ISO_C_BINDING code

Update 4 (Posted December 2009), Package IDs below


DPD200004283 Fortran Feature Request: Support extended fixed form source line length in Visual Studio IDE text editor.
DPD200034046 C "fabsl()" isn't inlined with intrinsic when using "-Oi" or "-Oi -Qlong-double"
DPD200041396 C++ gcc compatibility - undefined reference to typeinfo
DPD200044772 Fortran Feature Request: idb should use default lower bound on arrays if not provided in DWARF
DPD200045518 C, C++, Fortran duplicate copies of MKL are installed in C++ & Fortran directories
DPD200047497 C icc 11.0.025 generates pushfw instruction instead of pushfl
DPD200048056 C++ Benchmark Performance drop from -O2 -ipo to -O2 -ipo and PGO
DPD200048181 Fortran Slower compile times compared to 10.0 with -O2
DPD200049086 C, C++ Segmentation violation at -O3
DPD200050288 Fortran Uninstall leaving "Intel Fortran" directory behind in Visual Studio .NET2003, Visual Studio 2005 Team System, Visual Studio 2008 Team System
DPD200050307 Fortran Too many warnings emitted for function/data layout due to unsupported linker version id format
DPD200050325 C++ function inline done by 11.0 beta interprocedural optimization causes about 6% performance drop from default -O2.
DPD200083857 Fortran Reduced precision of abs()
DPD200084372 Fortran A use associated object that has the PROTECTED attribute causes error in an OPEN statement
DPD200084693 C++ link error: unresolved external symbol with /Qlong_double enabled
DPD200084933 C, C++ /FR doesn't generate SBR file and icl emits warning #10210: problem with Microsoft compilation
DPD200086210 C++, C unused parameters in #pragma vector nontemporal can crash system
DPD200087029 C++ assertion in be_value_from_constant on pointer to member constants
DPD200111340 C++, Fortran Incorrect result caused by auto-vectorization.
DPD200112152 Fortran Compile time regression at -O0 during interprocedural optimization for many small routines with USE statements
DPD200117974 C++ Code generates run-time error when compiled with -O2. Software Pipelining issue.
DPD200118865 Fortran Install does not register latest version of ifdlg100.dll if older compiler installations exist
DPD200119195 Fortran 11.1 beta causes run-time crash
DPD200120319 Fortran A bug in the bounds checking
DPD200120510 Fortran Extensive module usage results in 3x compile time with 11.1 vs. 10.1
DPD200121369 Fortran Cannot prevent Fortran exception handler from overriding user handler
DPD200136502 C++ unable to obtain mapped memory
DPD200136749 C, C++ Switch to fixed address memory mapping by default for PCH
DPD200136843 C++ cvtps2pd erroneous generation
DPD200137218 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for allocate of class component allocatable
DPD200137377 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for ALLOCATE of CLASS object
DPD200137426 Fortran Incorrect error for allocate of polymorphic component
DPD200137640 Fortran Cannot get to Fortran documentation from help menu in VS2008 shell
DPD200137800 Fortran VALUE attribute does something strange on Linux
DPD200137859 C icc put IRQ0x00_interrupt in .init.text section
DPD200137886 C, C++, Fortran Fatal compilation error #10236 (from icc, icpc, ifort) does not halt compilation which leads to corrupted shared library
DPD200138106 Fortran F2003: Internal Compiler Error when assigning a pointer to a user-defined type
DPD200138230 C, C++ Application crashes when compiled with -fminshared and libirc is used
DPD200138282 Fortran Incorrect type mismatch for polymorphic entity and extended type entity
DPD200138388 Fortran 11.1 compiler causes runtime crash
DPD200138395 Fortran ifort 11.1 OpenMP Regression
DPD200138414 Fortran Segmentation fault with allocatable arrays in NAMELIST read
DPD200138587 Fortran Values of arrays are lost after optimization
DPD200138636 Fortran runtime segmentation fault with -O2 -parallel: regression over 10.1
DPD200138686 C, C++ "internal error with "g" register template" on Mac OS* X Intel64 compiler
DPD200138822 C, C++, Fortran ifort/icc drivers should not accept -i option, rather issue a warning and not pass option to linker
DPD200138872 Fortran Asynchronous Fortran I/O causes OpenMP and MKL to use only one thread
DPD200138974 C Segmentation fault with 11.1
DPD200139004 Fortran Incorrect error for character array length mismatch
DPD200139009 Fortran Setting FONTSIZE of QWIN variable overwrites parameter addresses of variables
DPD200139107 Fortran Internal Compiler Error caused by -assume realloc_lhs
DPD200139347 Fortran Internal Compiler Error
DPD200139527 Fortran ifort allocate/deallocate glibc crash with invalid pointer detected by libmcheck
DPD200139698 Fortran Array-valued function as type-bound procedure returns value incorrectly
DPD200139790 Fortran Internal compiler error for OMP PARALLEL DO PRIVATE naming POINTER variable
DPD200139885 Fortran class in variable name generates errors
DPD200139947 Fortran Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised
DPD200139961 Fortran Internal compiler error involving extended user type
DPD200139975 Fortran Internal compiler error involving extended user type
DPD200139977 Fortran IMSL will not install on Windows 7 64-bit system
DPD200139988 Fortran -O3 and -ipo interaction creates incorrect results
DPD200140130 Fortran Wrong typebound procedure in invoked
DPD200140141 C++ compiler hangs "forever" in IPO-phase of xilink eventually being terminated by using up all the memory
DPD200140193 Fortran IFORT issues incorrect error message if /warn:interface applied.
DPD200140198 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with 11.1.046
DPD200140203 Fortran Bounds checking should not be done for omitted optional arguments
DPD200140317 C Wrong output when vectorizing
DPD200140388 Fortran Internal compiler error for extended type with more than four type-bound procedures
DPD200140450 C++ problem with debug info of enum bit-fields with pch (internal error: 0_45080)
DPD200140453 C, C++ allow __restrict__ on simd types
DPD200140522 C __ld16/__st16 intrinsics: verification for constness of first two parameters is broken at -O0
DPD200140583 Fortran Error about Host associated object in a 'defining' context in a PURE procedure related to ASSOCIATE/DO WHILE
DPD200140603 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when compiling very long source under 11.1.046 IVF IA-32 at /Od (VS2005 environment)
DPD200140685 Fortran Passing substring of deferred-length character passes address of pointer rather than data
DPD200140845 Fortran Access violation for NAMELIST read of ALLOCATABLE character array
DPD200140854 Fortran Internal compiler error - segv in High Level Optimization
DPD200140858 C++, C assertion when mangling name of array constructor with default arguments in openmp clause
DPD200140892 Fortran Incorrect error for INOUT derived type argument to PURE subroutine
DPD200141164 C icl issues "catastrophic error:unable to obtain mapped memory"
DPD200141468 C, C++ incorrect code when optimizing
DPD200141594 C++ internal error on unnamed name inside namespace std
DPD200141793 Fortran tbk_stack_trace is not signal safe
DPD200141804 Fortran Internal Compiler Error at -O3 with 11.1.059 but not at -O2, regression and also loss of loop vectorization
DPD200141910 Fortran Subroutine hangs in tight loop
DPD200141935 Fortran Internal compiler error regression involving derived types - fails in enter_inter_body_types()
DPD200141991 Fortran 11.1.051 failed with /check:bounds option on Japanese environment


Update 3 (Posted October 2009), Package IDs below


DPD200005308 Fortran Access violation with OpenMP and debug option enabled
DPD200012215 C, C++, Fortran documentation about application register access is vague
DPD200021013 C, C++ compiler mistakenly assumes all sources compiled with same set of options
DPD200033150 Fortran Slow compile
DPD200038801 Fortran Incorrect Static Verifier error message 12224
DPD200039280 Fortran Static Verifier produces invalid warning for optional Fortran argument
DPD200048138 Fortran Invalid Debug Information message shown for DLLIMPORTed COMMON variables
DPD200049461 C Bogus error #12048 on safe negative index
DPD200049575 C++ bogus error #12178 on used local const with -diag-enable sv3
DPD200049579 C++ Static Verifier:incorrect error
DPD200082641 Fortran READ statement doesn't return correct completion status
DPD200082921 Fortran Access violation in case the malloc from C code is used to allocate the memory
DPD200083739 C Incorrect variable substitution during optimization cross branches
DPD200085342 C internal error - backend signals on both Linux and Windows version of 11.1
DPD200085556 Fortran iidb uses 100% of CPU while waiting for input
DPD200085613 C icc don't accept --exclude-libs linker flag
DPD200110443 Fortran UNROLL_AND_JAM directive ignored or not working as expected on triple-nested DO-LOOP
DPD200110916 C++ Microsoft and Gnu compatibility on allowing pure virtual specifiers in prototype instantiations
DPD200112090 Fortran Incorrect pointer with OpenMP at -O0
DPD200118525 Fortran Visual Studio Project: Source Code Control glyphs not automatically updated
DPD200119954 Fortran demo default startup project not correct
DPD200121416 C++ Profile Guided Optimization: 12% performance drop
DPD200136609 Fortran Loop distribution caused Incorrect results when using ifort -i8 -r8 -openmp
DPD200136761 C++ Optimizer not disambiguating memory as well, leading to more memory accesses then in 11.0
DPD200136823 C++ #pragma disable does not disable first instance of #pragma outside of code block
DPD200136891 Fortran Problem with using dynamically allocated arrays in OpenMP reduction clause
DPD200136984 Fortran MKL library for wrong calling convention gets linked on command line
DPD200136996 C++ (0): internal error: backend signals
DPD200137044 C++, C Linux: wint_t not defined in stddef.h
DPD200137266 C++ problem with template dependent name processing and default params
DPD200137318 C, C++ /Qprof-psa-* options should be removed from /help
DPD200137464 Fortran Internal compiler error (C0000005)
DPD200137508 Fortran Run-Time Library: error on namelist for internal file write
DPD200137584 Fortran -fpe0 and -fltconsistency interaction
DPD200137763 C, C++ Incorrect error when building with -diag-enable sc-parallel
DPD200137967 Fortran Link error for already defined (duplicate) symbol with type-bound procedures and /Od
DPD200138038 Fortran Incorrect name decoration for EQUIVALENCEd module symbols
DPD200138085 Fortran Procedure pointer component and debug symbols cause internal compiler error or CPU-bound compilation
DPD200138089 Fortran Debugger shows wrong value for component of polymorphic type
DPD200138527 Fortran SEQUENCE type adds padding before UNION
DPD200138674 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when accessing an overloaded interface
DPD200138694 Fortran Internal compiler error involving type bound procedure
DPD200138746 Fortran Nested derived type with POINTER causes internal compiler error in Loop Multiversioning
DPD200138828 C, C++ internal error: 0_1561
DPD200138845 Fortran Compiler hang at exiting from compilation error.
DPD200138870 Fortran Feature Request: -opt-report should report COMMON blocks splitting (which can happen with -ipo)
DPD200138937 Fortran -ftrapuv does not catch divide-by-zero in Where clause with real array size < 8, and incorrect behavior for array size >= 8
DPD200138944 Fortran IMPLICIT NONE gives error for contained procedure argument that is CALLed
DPD200139029 Fortran STOP 0 in Windowing application results in Error 38 to CONOUT$
DPD200139383 C, C++ Regression with libirc_s.a, ld duplicated symbol error
DPD200139390 C internal compiler error on 64-bit code in linux kernel
DPD200139418 C++ error #409: "T2::t1"
DPD200139432 C, C++ "internal error: 0_1149" when using /fp:fast
DPD200139458 C++ ICC can't compile file due to friend class declaration with nontype template argument
DPD200139473 Fortran "/debug:parallel" is not added to the command line for Fortran when /Zi selected
DPD200139530 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when routine called with derived type argument inside ASSOCIATE construct
DPD200139531 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with /Qfp-stack-check on Intel64
DPD200139541 C, C++ assertion failure with overloaded function call and using declaration in dependent name processing
DPD200139555 Fortran IPO link invokes ld twice, the first instance generates "ld: no input files" failure
DPD200139577 C++ backend signals internal compiler error at -O2
DPD200139608 Fortran ENDFILE gives error for stream access file
DPD200139624 C++ (0): internal error: backend signals in termination test in openmp iterator loop
DPD200139640 C++ template argument deduction problem with const template operator
DPD200139696 Fortran Parsing error for variable named PROCEDURE
DPD200139700 Fortran Dummy argument mismatch error for passed procedure with CLASS(*) argument
DPD200139701 Fortran Internal compiler error for pointer assignment to type-bound procedure
DPD200139745 Fortran Internal compiler error for call passing class(*) object and procedure
DPD200139785 Fortran FPP: Comment appearing between fpp directives causes incorrect parsing of #ifdef directive
DPD200139935 C, C++ Internal error: backend signals
DPD200139947 Fortran Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised
DPD200139986 Fortran Internal Compiler Error during High Level Optimization while compiling at O3 but not at O2, regression in 11.1.046
DPD200140001 Fortran VS2008 throws External component has thrown an exception error when creating new Fortran project
DPD200140037 Fortran Seg Fault after Mem-op Detection optimization phase
DPD200140069 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when compiling with 11.1 versions, not with 11.0.074
DPD200140117 Fortran Possible infinite loop or memory leak at compilation time in Loop fusion
DPD200140128 Fortran FPP: Fundamental confusion with fpp and macro expansion leads to #error: '#ifdef' argument starts with wrong symbol.
DPD200140234 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with Mac OS 11.1.067 compile
DPD200140243 Fortran Internal Compiler Error at -O2 or higher on IA-32, no error on Intel 64 but no loop vectorization
DPD200140550 C Internal compiler error in Code Generator

Update 2 revised (Posted October 2009), Package IDs below


DPD200139120 C, C++, Fortran - The packages were rebuilt to correct an issue where the compiler would not run on certain Windows 7* and Windows Server 2008* systems. Correctness of the generated code is not an issue.

Update 2 (Posted September 2009), Package IDs below



DPD200003663 C, C++ Access mechanism inconsistency for #pragma section()/__declspec(allocate()) problems.
DPD200007737 Fortran HLO causes incorrect results only with Intel® Core™ Duo processor and 32 bit version of compiler
DPD200017249 C Linux* kernel: Feature Request: support __builtin_trap intrinsic
DPD200022129 C O2 problem
DPD200022902 C, C++, Fortran wrong compiler annotation with -prof_use
DPD200032138 C, C++ Regression in 10.0 auto-parallelizer
DPD200041387 C++ Performance regression with 11.0 Beta compiler at -O3 -ipo PGO.
DPD200042107 C, C++ compile time 100x Microsoft Visual C++ 7.0 - long optimization time
DPD200045100 C IDB fails to load executable - undefined symbol ps_lgetfpregs
DPD200048386 Fortran Procedure pointers are not distinct from integers in TKR signature resolution
DPD200048780 Fortran Incorrect address handed to C-Fortran interoperable function
DPD200048863 Fortran ifort 11.0 BIND(C,name="") produces object files with empty symbol names
DPD200049434 C++ Bogus warning #12174 on a function declared noreturn
DPD200050515 C++ Compiler Intrinsic missing from header file and documentation
DPD200050739 C, C++ symbol info reload performance unacceptable for large applications
DPD200051151 Fortran, C++, C FLEXlm server fails to start on Windows* Server 2008 x64
DPD200083317 Fortran Array constructor [,,] is not thread safe
DPD200083894 Fortran Custom build step feature doesn't work in case there are specific symbols in the pathname
DPD200084262 C stack run time check reports failure for alignment greater than 64
DPD200111195 Fortran RANDOM_NUMBER is not threadsafe
DPD200111308 C++ Cannot specify sets of OS procs with {} in proclist with KMP_AFFINITY=explicit
DPD200111309 C, C++, Fortran Need consistent correspondence between OMP hread ids and global thread ids in non-nested code
DPD200111314 C, C++, Fortran Error initializing foreign thread's OMP affinity mask
DPD200112213 Fortran OpenMP causes seg fault with contains subroutine
DPD200117988 Fortran 11.1 beta get segmentation fault
DPD200118875 Fortran ifort 11.0 benchmark fails to validate on IA-64
DPD200119435 C Need PIC version of libimf.a
DPD200120466 C Unix (gcc feature not in icc): missing many chk __builtin___ rouitines
DPD200120952 C++ OpenMP task crashes with new class statement in Debug mode
DPD200121133 C Resulting generated code gets different results with -O2 and -O3
DPD200121218 C, C++, Fortran linking -lm before objects calling math functions results in GNU libm math functions being used instead of Intel libimf functions
DPD200121498 Fortran Local array with allocatable components not deallocated on routine exit
DPD200135534 Fortran ifort mainline lost optimization of product reduction
DPD200135655 C++ Compiler packaging error when installed by non-root user
DPD200135696 C unresolved symbol with /Qipo in 11.x only - 10.x works
DPD200135929 C++ Software Pipelining causes runtime segmenation fault.
DPD200135962 Fortran Correct test with allocatable character array produces SegV.
DPD200135966 C++ icc warning level is incompatible with vc warning level
DPD200135967 C++ Code Generator SCH Postpass cause memory ambiguation.
DPD200136024 C++ runtime segmentation fault in PGO + IPO build.
DPD200136315 C++ Slow compile time - icc 11.1 average 2.7x slower than gcc3.4
DPD200136339 C icc takes too long to compile a .c file
DPD200136540 C runtime crash when /Qnum-opt 25
DPD200136675 C icc 11.1 generates code that has a reference to __moddi3
DPD200136711 C++ gcc compatibility - diff in priority of -I and -isystem
DPD200136754 C, C++ icc unable to find framework include when isysroot is set
DPD200136776 C++, C "(0): internal error: 0_0" with multi-source compilation
DPD200136806 Fortran Can't set large values for REAL*8 in tooltips
DPD200136846 C++ icpc fails to compile the test case with --permissive
DPD200136852 C++ icpc, g++ 4.3.0 and __builtin_isfinite
DPD200136877 Fortran Error for pointer assignment of ASSOCIATE name for dummy argument of PURE subroutine
DPD200136885 Fortran Implicit typing happens in the wrong scope
DPD200136909 C++ Optimization generates incorrect code
DPD200136951 C++ 0x5C Japanese Character Issue
DPD200136972 Fortran Error with ALARM-Portability Function.
DPD200137145 Fortran Deferred-length character should not require /assume:realloc_lhs
DPD200137215 Fortran Variable name CLASS confuses parser
DPD200137216 Fortran Regression - typing floating point expression into debugger Watch window crashes Microsoft Visual Studio*
DPD200137220 Fortran Customers report .F and .FOR files appear as free-form source in Visual Studio text editor as of 11.1
DPD200137276 C++ Code generation problem
DPD200137279 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with /gen-interfaces
DPD200137347 Fortran IFORT does not accept derived type name starting with "is"
DPD200137404 C, C++, Fortran Installation stalls at license agreement on MAC 11.1
DPD200137410 Fortran /fpscomp:filesfromcmd does not work if null argument provided.
DPD200137424 Fortran No code generated for call to elemental type-bound procedure with no arguments
DPD200137428 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with 11.1.038
DPD200137453 Fortran File ACTION='READWRITE' does not allow second process to open file for writes
DPD200137485 Fortran Error: for_array_copy_in/for_array_copy_out again
DPD200137518 Fortran Conflicting attributes error for protected allocatable character
DPD200137527 C, C++ icc does not accept -Wstrict-aliasing=2
DPD200137545 C, C++ Linux kernel: icc emits undefined symbol, while gcc doesn't
DPD200137552 Fortran internal compiler error (C0000005)
DPD200137598 Fortran Incorrect results at -O3 with specific optimization
DPD200137625 Fortran Assignment of array constructor to allocatable array component does not reallocate left side
DPD200137666 C Regression test suite fails with icc 11.0, 11.1 but is fine with 10.1 and earlier versions
DPD200137681 Fortran Problem with 2-byte characters in NAMELIST input data when using static debug libraries
DPD200137687 Fortran Error #10106 for valid code
DPD200137715 Fortran Concatenation of deferred-length character component of derived type gives garbage result
DPD200137735 C++, C String layout on Mac OS X* Leopard/Snow Leopard for 64-bit
DPD200137781 C++ Need scalar var privatization support for std::complex data type with func call
DPD200137862 Fortran Format compiles incorrectly
DPD200137880 C++, C driver link in libirc.a twice resulting in duplicated symbols at link time
DPD200138020 Fortran Wrong executing results after compiling
DPD200138029 Fortran ifort linux Intel 64 11.1.046 Internal Compiler Error
DPD200138035 C++ icc produces bad x86_64 Mach-O relocation entries
DPD200138042 Fortran write routine is consuming all of memory and crashing the system
DPD200138087 Fortran Assignment of derived type with allocatable scalar and type-bound procedure causes access violation
DPD200138144 C, C++ ipo build reports unresolved ___builtin_object_size symbol
DPD200138343 C, C++ "(0) internal error: backend signals" with openmp on "while"
DPD200138406 C, C++, Fortran Shared libraries flagged as needing executable stacks prevents being loaded when SELinux enabled
DPD200138415 Fortran Bad debug information for Fortran array variable
DPD200138447 C Executing wrong code path at O2
DPD200138449 Fortran ifort 11.1 internal compiler error on module with recursive subroutine containing CLASS pointer
DPD200138493 OSR: illigal SIGN extend removal around UNSIGNED value in strength reduction
DPD200138568 Fortran vec-report3 or 4 or 5 on 11.1 Mac OS X* Compiler Pro causes bogus DWARF error
DPD200138583 C internal compiler error: Creating constant of incorrect size
DPD200138584 C assertion in compiler
DPD200138607 Fortran Internal compiler error during compile of large source file under 11.1 compilers
DPD200138609 C++ Compiler fails to select correct template function
DPD200138632 Code coverage with unwind handler
DPD200138634 Fortran OpenMP directive causes internal compiler error with ifort 11.1.046
DPD200138649 Fortran incorrect debug info for subroutine array parameter
DPD200138652 Fortran Internal compiler error related to multifaceted derived type structures
DPD200138663 C++ Compiler Error: Gnu-style asm must use __asm__ keyword when -use_msasm is specified
DPD200138665 Fortran internal read not working with 11.1
DPD200138738 C, C++ ICC not differentiating between USER_HEADER_SEARCH & HEADER_SEARCH paths
DPD200138791 Fortran Inlining a subroutine containing an OpenMP parallel region destroys associated status of pointer argument
DPD200138893 Fortran Memory leak on assignment of derived types with allocatable components
DPD200138899 Fortran MAXLOC intrinsic bug on IA-64 processor
DPD200138901 Fortran Internal compiler error at -O3 but not -O2 for 11.1.046
DPD200138938 Fortran ifort 11.1 -debug internal compiler error on module with procedures bound by name
DPD200139006 C++ Error during project conversion
DPD200139120 C, C++ the application hang due to xgetbv in __intel_cpu_indicator_init()

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