Intel® vPro Technology Activator Utility


The Intel® vPro™ Technology Activator Utility is the next generation of the Remote Configuration tool. A Windows executable that runs locally on an Intel® Active Management technology(Intel AMT)-enabled platform, the Activator was designed to:

  • Simplify the process of configuring the vPro systems via Intel® Setup and Configuration Service
  • Facilitate initial Intel® AMT configuration or policy change
  • Address the following scenarios:
    • vPro failure to find the Setup and Configuration server in the network
    • Expiration of vPro 'hello' messages
  • Configuration server must get the parameters necessary to start the vPro configuration process
    • vPro system becomes unreachable if OS/AMT host names go out of sync
    • Some vPro systems are shipped with management mode disabled. Remote Configuration must be enabled by a local SW tool


For more information about the Activator, see the Intel® vPro™ Technology Activator Utility user guide.

Download the latest version of Intel® vPro™ Technology Activator Utility.

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