Intel® Xeon® Processor MP: Enabling Enterprise Application Clusters


For today's e-Business data centers, enterprise applications in all tiers must deliver the highest performance for fast responses to user requests - regardless of fluctuating loads - and remain continuously available to prevent costly downtimes. Data center architects using a scale-right approach can implement clusters of uni-processor, dual-processor, and symmetrical multi-processor (MP)-based (SMP) servers to provide enough capacity and performance for fast responses to requests, plus ensure the reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) required for today's e-Businesses.

Enterprise application clusters for mid-level and backend tiers built on Intel® Xeon® processor MP-based platforms, combine a quickly scalable, highly available, and easily serviced architecture with industry-leading performance and advanced processor resources. The Intel Xeon processor MP was designed for the demands of today's enterprise applications, such as Oracle9i* Real Application Clusters (RAC).* While application-tier and back-end database solutions have traditionally been built on large (up to 64-way) proprietary RISC-based architectures, with costs reaching several millions of dollars, enterprise application clusters built on Intel Xeon processor MP-based solutions rival the performance of large RISC-based systems with the benefits that clusters are now known to provide - all at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.

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