Jumpstart Your IoT Innovation - Intel® System Studio 2016 for Microcontrollers Update 1 is Now Available

What’s New: Support for Intel® Quark™ SE Microcontroller C1000 and Intel® Curie™ Module

We just released Intel® System Studio 2016 for Microcontrollers Update 1. What’s cool about it is additional support for the upcoming Intel® Quark™ SE Microcontroller C1000, and the already available Intel® Curie Module or Arduino 101*/Genuino 101*. Developers can use the updated Intel® System Studio for Microcontrollers tool suite to create amazing “Things” on these Intel® Quark™ microcontroller platforms.

Listed below are just a few of this release’s top new capabilities:

  • Support for Intel® Quark™ SE microcontroller C1000, and the Arduino 101*/Genuino 101* board with Intel® Curie™ module

  • Support for Zephyr Project* RTOS and code samples to jumpstart your development

  • Updated Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller software interface and code samples to make your development easier

  • New Intel® Compiler for Microcontrollers (LLVM-based) optimized for resource constraint environments and performance

  • More optimized Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives for Microcontroller library functions for digital signal processing (DSP)

  • Simplified IDE workflow to make it even easier to start your IoT development

Download and learn more at: Intel® System Studio for Microcontrollers 

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