Long license checkout delay for 12.x Compilers


Problem:A distributed server configuration with a central license manager connected to several remote clients over an Internet connection may cause significant delays in the check out time of a client license when starting a 12.x version based Intel Compiler.

What to do?
First of all review this article which may give more information about getting better license check-out performance:
/en-us/articles/how-to-set-intel-license-file-to-reduce-license-checkout-delay .

If this doesn't help or to investigate further please file an Intel Premier Support issue and provide the log output from a slow client-server connection. The log is being created as follows:

1) On Windows*, for example:
Open an Intel compiler command prompt:
    Start > All Programs > Intel Parallel Studio XE 2011 > Command Prompt >
Set the environment variable:
    > SET INTEL_LMD_DEBUG="C:\temp\LicenseCheckout.log"
Invoke the compiler (no actual compiliation is required):
    > icl
and submit the log file.

2) On Linux*, for example:
On a shell source (if not yet done) the Intel Compiler:
    $ source /opt/intel/bin/compilervars.sh ia32|intel64
Set the environment variable, for example:
    $ export INTEL_LMD_DEBUG=/tmp/LicneseCheckout.log
Invoke the compiler (no actual compilation is required), for example:
    $ icc -V
and submit the log file.

This may give Intel Support more information what could be improved to reduce the checkout time.


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