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Jim Dempsey Jim Dempsey
Parallel Programming Expert/Evangelist

Jim Dempsey began programming in college in 1968. Jim has had experience spanning stints with reputed companies such as Digital Equipment Corp, EDUCOMP (where he produced his first operating system ETOS).

Jim started his first company (Network-Systems Design, Inc.) in 1978 as an OEM of Digital Equipment Corporation, where he wrote a new and improved operating system (8-way Virtualization system with networking). Subsequently he authored a PC version of the TECO editor and automated program optimization tools.

In 1993 he formed a company TAPEDISK with one of his customers who wanted to incorporate some of his technology into a product that was under development.

In 2003 he went back to a "dream" area of interest from 1968. That is in the feasibility of making a space elevator. He conceived and patented what will (hopefully) become a 2nd generation space elevator which consists of system dynamic tethers (as opposed to the static design of the 1st generation space elevator as traditionally conceived). Jim was one of our first Intel Black Belt Software Developers.

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