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As a participant in the MeeGo* project, Mandriva has optimized its operating system for use on netbooks, mobile Internet devices, and other devices based on the Intel® Atom™ processor. Mandriva Linux is also used in the Intel® architecture-powered classmate PC, which is the basis of global education technology initiatives enabled by Intel® Learning Series. Mandriva products are available in 80 languages in more than 140 countries.


Mandriva Announces World-Wide Release of Mandriva Pulse 2 v1.3.0
Mandriva Pulse 2 is an open-source tool that simplifies application deployment, inventory, and maintenance of an IT network.


Choosing the Right Edition
Mandriva Linux* is available in several editions, free or paid. This page explains the differences between the various versions and gives some recommendations for selecting an edition.

Downloading Mandriva Linux with BitTorrent*
Mandriva Linux releases are made available for download using the BitTorrent protocol.

Writing CD and DVD Images
Installation discs are provided for download as ISO image files that have to be written to blank CDs or DVDs for use, instructions for which are given on this page.

Installing Mandriva Linux
This article outlines the various ways in which Mandriva Linux can be installed.


Mandriva Linux* Community
In operation since 1998, the Mandriva Linux community is long-standing and active.

The Mandriva Manifesto
The philosophy and identity of the Mandriva Linux project and associated technologies, products, and community are set forth on this central site.

Mandriva General Documentation Portal
This page provides links to manuals, a guided tour of the Mandriva distribution, and information about various versions and supporting materials.

The Official Mandriva Blog
The blog is an easy way of keeping track of what’s happening in the Mandriva community.

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