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WSO2 provides an open-source, cloud-native, componentized middleware platform that delivers excellent results on Intel® platforms. The two companies create synergies through their complementary contributions to the Apache Project, and Intel® Capital has also helped foster innovation at WSO2 through direct investment. WSO2 provides an open-source platform-as-a-service option that helps make migration and integration between servers, private clouds, and public clouds more seamless.


WSO2 Launches WSO2 Application Server 4.0 with Full Apache Tomcat Support for Running Web Applications and Web Services
WSO2 offers first commercial Tomcat* server available as server-based software, cloud virtual machine, and multi-tenant platform as a service.

WSO2 Launches WSO2 Stratos 1.0, Industry’s First Complete Cloud Middleware Platform for Enterprise Application and SOA
Open-source WSO2 Stratos Cloud Middleware enables agile delivery of composite applications while protecting against cloud lock-in.

WSO2Con 2010: SOA and Cloud Computing, Blueprint for the Future Enterprise
Designed to help prepare for the future enterprise, WSO2Con 2010 focuses on the convergence of SOA and Cloud, showing how any organization can make an impact on productivity and better compete in a global environment.

WSO2 Upgrades SOA Components
New versions of several SOA components, including the Business Process Server, Data Services Server, Business Activity Monitor, Gadget Server, and Mashup Server were released, based on the WSO2 Carbon* 3.0 platform.

WSO2 Offerings Add Zest to Carbon 3.0 Platform for BPM, Cloud Construction
Five releases that take advantage of Carbon 3.0’s process-oriented components and building blocks for cloud computing help advance WSO2’s middleware platform.

WSO2 Launches Newest Versions of WSO2 Business Process Server, WSO2 Data Services Server, WSO2 BAM, WSO2 Gadget Server, and WSO2 Mashup Server
The introduction of these products based on the Carbon 3.0 platform helps end-customers customize IT application and Web service deployments across servers and in private or public clouds.

WSO2 Receives Investment from Intel® Capital
This investment helped WSO2 develop its open, modern architecture for Web services in SOA deployments.


Carbon* Brochure
A brochure showcasing WSO2 Carbon; the award-winning base platform for WSO2’s enterprise-grade middleware stack.

Stratos* Brochure
This brochure presents WSO2 Stratos: a 100 percent open-source cloud platform for enterprise applications.

Effective Cloud Enablement with WSO2 Stratos (free registration required)
This paper explains the benefits of cloud computing, private and public cloud concepts, Platform as a Service, and how WSO2 Stratos provides a complete Enterprise Cloud Platform that embraces SOA and modern Enterprise Architecture.

Cloud Native: Essential Characteristics of Platform-as-a-Service Offerings (free registration required)
This whitepaper introduces the concept of “cloud native” as a model for assessing the capabilities of a cloud platform.

Cloud Implementation Checklist: Avoiding Cloud Lock-In (free registration required)
This guide looks at five common areas where lock-in occurs and provides key questions IT professionals should ask when evaluating cloud computing solutions. Areas covered include vendors, service providers, data, programming models, and infrastructure layers.

WSO2 Data Services – An Executive Overview (free registration required)
SOA requires access to data stored in heterogeneous data sources. This paper explores ways of minimizing the performance impacts of that access.

Case Studies

Concur Streamlines Corporate Reporting with WSO2 Open-Source SOA Middleware (free registration required)
This case study highlights how one customer successfully implemented a SOA initiative to deliver consolidated reporting from enterprise applications distributed across multiple systems.

Expose Mainframe Data and CICS Transactions with WSO2 Middleware – HMO Case Study (free registration required)
WSO2 helped a large Managed Care Organization expose client medical records stored in their mainframe, DB2*, and Microsoft SQL Server* systems in an SOA environment.

WSO2 Helps Wayne State College Integrate With PeopleSoft (free registration required)
WSO2’s Web Service Framework for PHP provided a straightforward solution for connecting the pieces of a joint PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Student Information system for Wayne State College and six other Nebraska colleges.


Enterprise Middleware Products
WSO2 has created a large set of open-source enterprise middleware products that work together in a highly component-oriented structure that lets customers choose just the pieces they need.

Open-Source Cloud Platform
WSO2 Stratos* can be deployed as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) on public or private cloud infrastructure with a Web-based console for self-service provisioning of new tenants on the platform.

Support Page
WSO2 is committed to ensuring that enterprise middleware deployments are well-supported throughout the lifecycle, from vendor selection to production.

About WSO2
WSO2 builds Web services middleware for SOA. Offering leading products, support and other services, WSO2 is a global corporation with offices in the US, UK, and Sri Lanka.

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