Static Analysis and Intel® C++ Compilers Webinar Q&A

Q&A from Webcast: The webinar "Static Analysis and Intel® C++ Compilers" was presented by Dmitry Petunin, June 2nd 2009, as part of our technical webinar series about Multithreading tools and techniques. The following questions were selected from the list of questions and answers generated by this web cast, and may be useful to other developers as reference.

Q: Can the Static Analysis capability verify the correctness of say a Producer-Consumer problem with multiple threads?
A: No, we do not have any specific checks for such a problem.

Does parallel composer run on Linux?
A: No, the Intel® Parallel Composer is presently for Windows* only. But, you can
use the latest "Intel® C++ Compiler Professional Edition" for Linux.

What is meant by "Compiler's interprocedural analysis capability, and can correctness of
multiprocess applications using synchronization
primitives in shared memory be checked?
A: The inter-procedural analysis capability enables the compiler to analyze the code to determine if there is benefit in
optimizations such as: inline function expansion, inter-procedural constant propagation, passing arguments in
registers, dead code elimination, multi-file optimizations etc. Also, no, the correctness of multiprocess applications
using synchronization primitives in shared memory cannot be checked.

Q:  If "parallel lint" does not report on data dependencies in my program,
does it mean that I can be
sure that my program is free of data
A: No. In addition, the theorem of Heodel says that this task cannot be resolved at all.

Q:  Is parallel lint a part of Compiler 11.1?
A: Yes. In Compiler 11.1, there is a complete source checker tool in addition too.

Q:  Hello, I am sort of confused! When we talk of compiler, is it the one
integrated in the Parallel Studio
or the stand alone compiler version 11
or both?
A: Parallel lint is available in both Intel® Parallel Composer (which is available as an individual product, and is also
integrated as a component of Intel® Parallel Studio) and the standalone Intel® C++ Compiler Professional Edition

Q:  Are there plans to support Intel®Threading Building Blocks with Parallel
A: Presently, there is no announced plans at this time, but will update as soon as any plan for this is available.

Q:  Is Parallel Lint available for Fortran? Any plan to support Fortran if not
supported right now?
A: Yes, it is available





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