Technology Brief: Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT)

Safeguard Sensitive Information with Intel® Identity Protection Technology ( Intel® IPT )

Guarding personal identities and online accounts has become a major concern for consumers, business, government and institution as the threat from hackers and malware grows.  Creating a simple, strong and secure process to authenticate the identities of users logging into online accounts or conducting online transactions is key to safeguarding personal identities and online accounts.  A hardware based security technology is what many experts say is the key to providing strong identity protection and online account protection.  That’s why Intel has developed a built-in, hardware based security technology, Intel® Identity Protection Technology, into all Ultrabooks™ and the latest PC’s using the Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors.  Read the Technology Brief: Safeguard Sensitive Information with Intel® Identity Protection Technology to get a brief overview of how this Intel® technology is providing the simple, strong and secure protection.

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