Ultimate Coder Challenge: Sixense Studios - Week 4

Hey everyone!  It’s chip here once again to tell you all about our week’s progress! Meet one of our little pigs:

Art & Design

He is the first modeling stage and we are going after a more cartoonish silhouette with a bigger head, smaller body...etc. We already have the pig in Unity and can be driven with our new control system.

Infrared5 Ultimate Coder Update 4: Flamethrowers, Wingsuits, Rearview Mirrors and Face Tracking!

Week three seemed to go much better for the Infrared5 team. We are back on our feet with head tracking, and despite the judges lack of confidence in our ability to track eyes, we still believe that we've got a decent chance of pulling it off.

Good UI design from the other side - Ultimate Coder

This week I've been thinking a lot about how to design a UI toolkit, and this is about to get very techy, because I would like to talk about API design.

I prefer C to C++ and I'm not particularly fond of Object orientation (Although i use it on occasion). UIs are an area that are often thought of as a place where Object Oriented design really shines, but I think that is because of how we think UIs should be designed. Let's have a look at how one would typically create a button in a UI system:

	void my_button_callback(void *user)


Ultimate Coder Challenge II : Lee Going Perceptual : Week Four

With the realisation that I couldn’t top my week three video, I decided the smart thing was to get my head down and code the necessaries to turn my prototype into a functioning app. This meant adding a front end to the app and gets the guts of the conferencing functionality coded.

I also vowed not to bore the judges and fellow combatants to tears this week, and will stick mainly to videos and pictures.

Latest Progress

Early Perceptual Demos, Hard Decisions, and Hard Falls for Week 3 Ultimate Coder

After just two weeks into the Ultimate Coder Challenge we are seeing some amazing early work, bordering science fiction like experiences. However some Challengers are realizing there is a difference between what they want to do and what they believe they can do. The judges are starting to comprehend the challenges and early decisions.

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