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Intel® System Studio Training Materials

Here are useful slide decks to enhance your learning of Intel System Studio 2016. For Intel System Studio 2015 Training Slides, please go here. For more in-depth Knowledge Base articles about all the components of this tool suite, go here.

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  • Depurador de JTAG Intel®
  • How to use XDB to do kernel debug on Yocto with Minnowboard MAX


    Minnowboard MAX is an open hardware which is utilized Intel Atom processor. This hardware is a small and low cost but offer exceptional performance, flexibility, openness and standards. We can prepare micro sd card or usb flash device to expand the hardware storage and easy exchange difference OS to develop. Yocto project is an open source which helps you to create a customized Linux-based system for embedded products.

    We set up the debug environment as figure below and build your Yocto image for the Minnowboard MAX first.

  • Desarrolladores
  • Proyecto Yocto
  • Depurador de JTAG Intel®
  • Intel® System Debugger
  • Software Guard Extensions
  • Depuración
  • Herramientas de desarrollo
  • Chrome* OS - What's Developer Mode?

    Continuing on with my exploration of the Chrome OS leads me to digging a little deeper into the hardware. Actually, what made me first recognize the keyboard was different on my Chromebook was when I looked for the F2 key so i could enter BIOS/CMOS setup. No key and as it turns out. Getting to that kind of information may take me a couple blogs to describe.

    As I looked for the answers it became apparent to me I was going to have to enter Chrome OS Developer Mode.

    HTML5: Avantages et inconvénients

    HTML5: c'est quoi?

    L’HTML5 est le successeur de l’HTML 4.01 (et de l’XHTML 1.0), ca veut dire qu'il s'agit toutjours du HTML à la différence de quelques nouvelles balises. De plus, la version 5 est aujourd’hui compatible avec la majorité des navigateurs et répond aux normes W3C ( C'est une communauté internationale où les membres, une équipe à plein temps, et le public travaillent ensemble pour développer les standards du web.)

    Intel® Small Business Advantage

    Download PDF

    Intel SBA Integration Guide [98 KB]


    Intel® Small Business Advantage (Intel® SBA) provides an out-of-the-box, hardware-based security and productivity suite designed for small business users. Intel SBA includes a customizable user interface and several bundled Intel applications. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and resellers can customize Intel SBA after installation (using a customization wizard).

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  • Intel Small Business Advantage
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  • Experiencia del usuario y diseño
  • Which systems support the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor?

    The Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor is more capable than a basic GPU accelerator, and has unique system requirements. For the best experience, we recommend a supported system from one of our many OEM partners:

    Click here to browse the list of supported systems

    The following are the basic system requirements:

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  • Servidor
  • Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor
  • MIC
  • Eric Gardner
  • Arquitectura Intel® para muchos núcleos integrados
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