Modeling Education for the Connected World

Sit back for a moment and reflect on just what the internet is and how it has affected you, your work, and the world at large. Feel the sweeping, awestruck sensation of there being a meta-universe that exists, not unlike the seemingly infinite neural pathways inside your brain (that picture, by the way, is not of firing neurons, but a visual fragment of the internet's interconnectivity.) Feel it? I hope so.

First Day of Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience, App Academy @ Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Today was the second week of the IUEE@CGCC in Chandler, Arizona. We are learning how to create an HTML 5 app from the business plans our teams formulated during our first week of the program. The format of the App Academy portion is that of a hack-a-thon. 

While I miss having Hannah and CJ leading our group (WORD!!! CJ, Hi Hannah!) I am very excited for the chance to learn from Paul, Tom, and all the other App Academy mentors. I am very appreciative of this chance to experience this entire program.

Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience '13 - Code for Good Hackathon - Arizona Community College

We are in another Code for Good Hackathon, this one is part of the Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience [IUEE].  From June 10 - 20, Contra Costa College students fly to Chandler Gilbert College, a community college in Arizona.  We are facilitating 2 separate hackathon there.  In each hackathon group, there are 9 teams, each with about 6 people; there are around 120 people total in these hackathons.  This is the 1st time we participated in a hackathon at this scale.



前不久,我和几十位高校、企业同行一道参加了汇博-英特尔HTML5培训课程,通过这一课程我们了解了HTML5 这一应用程序开发领域的未来趋势,初步掌握了HTML5及一些先进的跨平台开发工具,并和英特尔、微软以及PHP中国等国内外名企的资深专家进行了愉快而有成效的面对面交流,这必将有助于各位尤其是高校教师跟上行业发展步伐,进而让所在高校的学生受益。





Webinar - Introduction to High Performance Application Development for Multicore and Manycore - Live webinar- 2-Day Series


This two-day webinar series introduces developers to the world of multicore and manycore computing with Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors. Expert technical teams at Intel discuss development tools, programming models, vectorization, and execution models that will get your development efforts powered up to get the best out of your applications and platforms.


Day 1 – June 25th
Day 2 – June 26th




High Performance Application Developers

Contra Costa College - Intel - Student Code for Good Virual Hackathon '13 Behind the Scenes

For being something new to all of us, doing this Virtual Hackathon last weekend varied between going very smoothly and throwing problems at us that no one expected.  Just as everyone put a lot into hacking up project code, a lot went into making the Virtual Hackathon possible.

Contra Costa College - Intel - Student Code for Good Virtual Hackathon '13 Ends

This was a great hackathon.  We learned things we might not have without the hackathon.  I know for sure I did.  I was never able to setup Apache with PHP in the past because of reasons, but the hackathon had me tackle the problem until it was solved [for the entire 1st day].

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