Transactional memory support: the speculative_spin_mutex

Intel recently released the 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, which have Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel® TSX) enabled.  Intel TSX can improve the performance of applications that use lock-based synchronization to protect data structure updates.  This feature allows multiple non-conflicting lock-protected changes to data to occur in parallel.

App Framework - Version 2.0

Intel is excited to announce the release of App Framework 2.0, a cross platform HTML5 framework for building mobile applications. App Framework (originally known as jqMobi) allows you to write an application targeting the most popular smartphone devices, including iOS*, Android*, Blackberry 10* and Windows Phone 8* with a single code base. App Framework uses the latest features of CSS3 and JavaScript to accelerate HTML5 performance on mobile devices.

If any surface can become a gaming table, why not a digital blackboard?

Each opportunity to engage with students today must to be met with contempory solutions at par with the user interfaces (UI) students have grown accustom.  Watching the video featuring Evan Lang of Identity Mine you see how his company chose to design their Air Hockey game specifically for Intel's All In One (AIO) platform.

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