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Intel® VTune™ Amplifier - Impact of recent OS security updates

The Intel® VTune™ Amplifier product team is investigating the impact of recent OS security updates. We are providing initial guidance which will allow you to continue using VTune Amplifier 2018 Update 1 and earlier.

On Windows* and Linux*, the VTune Amplifier analyses using precise events or hardware event-based sampling with stacks may cause an application or system crash. We recommend that you do not use such analyses. These include:

  • Amplificador Intel® VTune™
  • VTune Amplifier Perf
  • Android Things* on Intel® Architecture

    Android Things* is an operating system from Google used to build connected devices for the Internet of Things. In June 2017, Intel announced it discontinued Intel® Edison compute modules, Intel® Joule™ compute modules, and their associated developer kits.
  • Socios
  • Profesional
  • Profesores
  • Estudiantes
  • Android* OS
  • Android*
  • Avanzado
  • Principiante
  • Intermedio
  • Datasheet Overview

    This datasheet outlines the technical features of the Intel® Joule™ platform which is a system on module (SoM) that combines high-performance computing and graphics with large memory and wireless connectivity in a tiny footprint.

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