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CPUs are set to dominate high end visualization

 Carson Brownlee, Intel.  It is certainly provocative to say that CPUs will dominate any part of visualization - but I say it with confidence that the data supports why this is happening.  The primary drivers are (1) data sizes, (2) minimizing data movement, and (3) ability to change to O(n log n) algorithms.

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  • Use Intel® Optane™ Technology and Intel® 3D NAND SSDs to Build High-Performance Cloud Storage Solutions

    Describes three Ceph all-flash storage system reference designs, and shares performance test results on the first Intel® Optane™ and P4500 TLC NAND based all-flash cluster. Includes a downloadable Ceph configuration file.
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  • Finding BIOS Vulnerabilities with Symbolic Execution and Virtual Platforms

    Finding BIOS Vulnerabilities With Excite

    Finding vulnerabilities in code is part of the constant security game between attackers and defenders. An attacker only needs to find one opening to be successful, while a defender needs to search for and plug all or at least most of the holes in a system. Thus, a defender needs more effective tools than the attacker to come out ahead.

    来自 Underminer 工作室的虚拟现实优化建议


    本文介绍了如何充分提升虚拟现实 (VR) 项目的性能、视觉效果和设计功能。本文主要讨论了特定的虚拟现实问题,多数问题的起源可以追溯到核心优化领域,如多边形数量、常见的性能错误以及如何应用更高效的质量解决方案。由于我们正在编写虚拟现实模式,我还会与您分享教科书上没有的技巧、方法和专业建议。

    从本质上看,尽早且经常优化更为简单。设想一下在火车上维持一架十字形跷跷板的平衡,跷跷板的每个座位上都有一枚针,针上有一个保龄球。4 个保龄球分别代表了项目的 4 个负载:封装尺寸、CPU、GPU 和 RAM。火车代表了项目中不断变化的其他部分。由此可以得出,这个过程是一个不断平衡的过程,必须了解所有的移动部件,才能更全面地分析这个项目。


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  • Getting Started with Intel® Cluster Checker for Linux*

    Intel® Cluster Checker verifies the configuration and performance of Linux based clusters and checks compliance with the Intel® Scalable System Framework architecture specification. If issues are found, Intel® Cluster Checker diagnoses the problems and may provide recommendations on how to repair the cluster.

    Intel® Cluster Checker has the following features:

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