Hybrid Mobile App Development - 2 (Sending Email App)

Hi friends, in my previous tutorial I have explained how to configure the environment for developing hybrid mobile apps. Now proceeding further I am going to show you how to use available Cordova plugins for achieving your various requirements. Here in my demo I will use a Cordova plugin which is developed for sending the emails and to create the required GUI for email composition.

Overview of Intel Software Guard Extensions Instructions and Data Structures

This post is intended to introduce developers to know about Intel SGX Instructions and Data Structure. There are 18 types of Instructions and 13 Data Structures available in SGX.

In this blog we are going to learn below topics

  1. Intel Software Guard Extension.
  2. Basics -Ring Separation.
  3. SGX Instructions and Data Structures.
  4. SGX Memory Access Control.
  5. SGX Control Structure Access.

Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX):

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