You have completed the Using Coarray Fortran tutorial. The source file: mcpi_coarray_final.f90 should contain a completed version of the coarray application. This source includes a modification to ensure that the random number sequence is different on each image. Initializations that are based on the time-of-day may yield the same seed on more than one image if the clock had the same value. See the source for more detail.

Improving Performance with Interprocedural Optimization

The compiler may be able to perform additional optimizations if it is able to optimize across source line boundaries. These may include, but are not limited to, function inlining. This is enabled with the -ipo option.

Recompile the program using the -ipo option to enable interprocedural optimization.

icc -std=c99 -qopt-report=2 -qopt-report-phase=vec -D NOALIAS -D ALIGNED -ipo Multiply.c Driver.c -o MatVector

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