Intel® Galileo: Getting Started – Ethernet

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In this guide you’ll setup network access to your Intel® Galileo Board and obtain an IP address through ethernet.  Looking for the Wi-Fi* card setup? See Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth card setup for the Intel® Galileo board


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  • Criando Jogos Multiplataforma com Cocos2d-x versão 3.0 ou superior

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    Neste tutorial você irá aprender como criar um jogo simples utilizando o framework Cocos2d-X, versão 3.0 ou superior, em um ambiente de desenvolvimento Windows* e como compilar para rodar em Windows e Android*.

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  • How to use XDB to do kernel debug on Yocto with Minnowboard MAX


    Minnowboard MAX is an open hardware which is utilized Intel Atom processor. This hardware is a small and low cost but offer exceptional performance, flexibility, openness and standards. We can prepare micro sd card or usb flash device to expand the hardware storage and easy exchange difference OS to develop. Yocto project is an open source which helps you to create a customized Linux-based system for embedded products.

    We set up the debug environment as figure below and build your Yocto image for the Minnowboard MAX first.

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