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Ninja Kiwi Optimizes Bloons TD 5® for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*

The challenging, top-rated game of tower defense is now accessible to users of this device.

A recent announcement from the development team at Ninja Kiwi states that its popular strategy game, Bloons TD 5, is now available on Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. Users of this device can now easily download and enjoy the ever-changing challenges this game has to offer.

DotEmu Releases New Optimization of Another World App for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*

The legendary adventure game offers some special new features for Android* users.

A recent announcement from DotEmu, the makers of the epic Another World franchise, revealed that the 20th anniversary version of the application for Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android* has some unexpected surprises for fans. Since its inception in 1991, Another World has garnered considerable favor in the gaming community.

Chromebooks and the new Citrix* Receiver for Chrome

For any of you still thinking of the Chromebook™ notebook computer as just a consumer browsing device, think again. It's no longer just notebook computers running the Chrome OS™ operating system, it's also Chromebox™ computing devices, ChromeBase,*  and more - indicating form factor is not a blocking issue. And with virtualization, these systems can run Windows apps on Chrome OS from Microsoft* Office* to intense graphic apps with minimal impact on latency or power drain. 

Titanium Backup

It’s All Big Data to You: Keeping Your Information Safe and Accessible

Mobile devices have so much capacity these days, but the drawback to having all that pertinent information in one place is obvious: we completely take it for granted. It is necessary and wise to take precautions in order to keep information and communication solid.

Baby Educa by Neurodigital Technologies

A Little Extra Digital Help in Encouraging Good Behavior

Let’s face it; children are not always agreeable.

Sometimes the most basic behavioral skills are the most challenging to acquire in the early stages of childhood. It is often frustrating for parents whose children are struggling with daily tasks, or teachers who need all their students to participate in an activity. It can be such a relief to have a little assistance.

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  • NewsTurbo Pro by zebNet*

    Email Marketing Made More Affordable, Simple, and Effective

    With the ever-evolving presence of cyberspace in our lives, regular mail has almost become obsolete. We may still receive some paper coupons, catalogs, or junk mail, but a great deal of promotional information received has transferred from our mailbox to our inbox.

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