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Ready for Action…Zombie-Style?

Last Hope, now enabled for All in One devices powered by Intel® Core™ processors, is an arcade Zombie Sniper 3D Shooter game placed in the desert. The story takes you on a journey through a changed world, exploring soccer fields in the desert, a sad wilderness, small villages, and infected canyons. It’s all about surviving the zombies as much as earning high scores and reaching new experience levels. Players need to find out which combinations of skills and items work best in order to survive and climb the ranks in becoming the best sniper in Last Hope. It’s easy to catch onto, but hard to master..
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  • Aliens Are Back to Life for Mesmerizing Fun

    Introducing BigHut Games' app Alien Jump – Lab Escape. This game, for participants of all ages, features non-threatening, cute aliens that were captured by evil scientists, and the players’ challenge is to help them escape from the lab. The three highlighted characters are alien Zippy and his friends, and they are involved in a daring get-away adventure, using the scientists’ own inventions against them. The app, now optimized for Intel devices, offers beautiful and colorful graphics, and over 60 levels filled with dangerous traps, and challenging twists and turns. Alien Jump is completely free to play, but also offers items that can be purchased; this feature can easily be disabled on individual devices based on preference.
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  • The Zombie Apocalypse is a Media Favorite That Just Won’t Die

    Apocalyptic themes have always captured the collective imagination, but it certainly seems to have taken hold in a new way. The film and gaming industries have seen scads of end-of-days stories where chaos reigns and society disintegrates into a mass of flesh-eating monsters. Thanks to advancements in digital technology, we can now experience the fear with shocking realism.
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  • Zombies, Aliens and Alternate Dimensions: Five Action-packed Halloween Apps

    Something sinister this way comes. It’s that time of year to don a disguise and get scared out of your skin. Halloween leaves some treats and tricks at your doorstep, but watch out! All the creepy creatures, monsters and mysteries come out of hiding in these new apps for your Intel-powered devices.
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  • Wild Ride: Why the Creepy Theme Park is Such an Ominous Thrill

    Halloween is a time when we collectively let our fantasies and worst fears loose, where fun and terror seem to blend together. One of the archetype backdrops for this special brand of scared is the carnival. What is it about amusement parks that make them so ripe for mystery and horror? Last August, vigilante artist Banksy created a whole installation called “Dismaland” in Somerset, England that used the carnival theme as a backdrop for some biting social commentary.
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  • Jim Parsons nos muestra las innovaciones de Intel y sus socios

    ¿Ha visto en la televisión nuestra nueva campaña publicitaria que protagoniza Jim Parsons de “The Big Bang Theory”? Cada anuncio destaca una experiencia innovadora que se hizo posible gracias a la tecnología Intel. Como los anuncios son cortos y rápidos, quizá no haya podido observar a los socios nuestros que aparecen en ellos.

    Игра Beatbuddy от инди-разработчика движется вперед с новыми технологиями


    Каким образом небольшая компания-разработчик игр остается на гребне волны и расширяет свой рынок? Давайте взглянем на инди-разработчика, компанию Threaks, выигравшую множество наград и создавшую BeatBuddy. Беседа с CEO студии, Вольфом Лэнгом, раскроет секреты их непростого пути в мир разработки игр.

    От студенческого до инди-проекта

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  • Arxan EnsureIT* Protects Apps on Intel®-powered Devices

    Arxan’s patented guarding technology defends applications against attacks, detects when an attack is being attempted, and responds to detected attacks with alerts and repairs. Arxan’s security products protect the confidentiality and the integrity of applications. Arxan inserts tiny code “guards” into the application binary to “lockdown” applications against attacks—with obfuscation, encryption, cryptographic key transformation, and other techniques.
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  • wolfSSL Leverages Intel® Technology for Cryptography Advances

    Founded in 2004, wolfSSL initially focused on creating the first open source, dual-licensed embedded Secure Socket Layer (SSL) library. Their alternative to OpenSSL was more portable, smaller, and faster. It came with a modern API and offered commercial-style developer support. MySQL* soon adopted wolfSSL, and today the company has expanded from its Montana roots to offices in Washington and Oregon.
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