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En Masse: Shifting and sharing with the times

After a founding in South Korea, and opening West in 2009, En Masse has introduced and expanded the online action-RPG Tera with impressive fortitude and longevity. Emerging at a time when games from South Korea and elsewhere were still trying to find a foothold in the western market, En Masse formed as the North American publishing wing for a global launch.
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  • 使用英特尔® 架构中的深度神经网络检测无人看管行李

    随着世界中面临的潜在安全威胁变得越来越多,企业对部署复杂的监控系统的需求开始不断增长。能够作为一个直观的“机器人眼睛”,准确实时地检测无人看管行李的智能系统,已经成为机场、火车站、商场和其他公共区域的安保人员的关键需求。本文介绍了用于火车站的无人看管行李检测的 Microsoft Common Objects in Context (MS-COCO) 检测模式。



    传统的检测方法涉及使用块式方向直方图(SIFT 或 HOG)功能,这无法在标准数据集中实现高精度,如 PASCAL VOC。这些方法会编码物体的低级别特性,因此无法有效区分不同的标签。基于深度学习(卷积网络)的方法成为图像物体检测的领先方法。各种网络拓扑已经随着时间的变化进行了演进,如图 1 所示。

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  • From UAV to VR in No Time: Autodesk® ReCap™ Photo Quickly Renders 3D Structures Thanks to Multicore Scalability

    Creating 3D models of an outdoor scene for use in architecture, engineering, and construction is now easier and faster than ever with the help of UAVs, Autodesk ReCap Photo, and high-core-count Intel Xeon processors. Businesses in these sectors can take advantage of the new speed, ease, and availability of 3D modeling based on photogrammetry to meet more deadlines, speed construction time, improve design through better visualizations, and gain competitive advantage.
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  • Lab7 Systems Helps Manage an Ocean of Information

    Finding efficient ways to manage the massive amounts of data generated by new technologies is a key concern for many industries. It’s especially challenging in the world of life sciences, where research breakthroughs are based on an ever-expanding ocean of information.

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  • SoftLab-NSK Builds a Universal, Ultra HD Broadcast Solution

    SoftLab-NSK develops complete TV broadcast automation solutions that work with the 4K format and HEVC compression and include functionality for video encoding. When the company wanted to expand its flagship Forward T* line of playout servers, it needed the most efficient solution for video transcoding.

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