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NetUP Uses Intel® Media SDK to Help Bring the Rio Olympic Games to a Worldwide Audience of Millions

In August of 2016, half a million fans came to Rio de Janeiro to witness 17 days and nights of the Summer Olympics. At the same time, millions more people all over the world were enjoying the competition live in front of their TV screens.

Arranging a live TV broadcast to another continent is a daunting task that demands reliable equipment and agile technical support. That was the challenge for Thomson Reuters, the world’s largest multimedia news agency.

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  • Lessons from the “Other” Side: Duskers and the Intel® Level Up Contest

    One of the greatest strengths in the independent game-development industry is the universal belief in trying something radically different. When they succeed, “indie” games don’t just tweak the edges—they blow up the boundaries, and go where their vision takes them, no matter what.
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  • MeritData Speeds Up a Big Data Platform

    MeritData has to ensure its data mining algorithms are as efficient as possible. Intel worked with MeritData’s algorithm engineers to optimize the company’s multiple data mining algorithms using Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel® DAAL) and Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL). The result was average performance improvements ranging from 3x all the way to 14x.
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  • Big data (datos a gran escala)
  • Hybrid Parallelism: A MiniFE* Case Study

    This case study examines the situation where the problem decomposition is the same for threading as it is for Message Passing Interface* (MPI); that is, the threading parallelism is elevated to the same level as MPI parallelism.
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  • University of Bristol Accelerates Rational Drug Design

    Task-based parallel programming is the future. The University of Bristol Advanced Computing Research Centre wants to be part of that future. It provides advanced computing support to researchers, with a team of research software engineers who work with academics across a range of disciplines to help optimize research software that can be applied in industry.

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