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在 Android* 商务应用中实施地图和地理围栏特性


本案例研究讨论了如何将地图和地理定位特性构建到 Android* 商务应用中,包括在 Google Maps* 上覆盖商店位置,以及在设备进入商店地理围栏邻近区域时借助地理围栏通知用户。

  • Desarrolladores
  • Android*
  • Android*
  • Java*
  • Android* business app
  • Google Maps*
  • Geofence
  • Ubicación geográfica
  • Intel and Qihoo 360 Internet Portal Datacenter - Big Data Storage Optimization Case Study

    The adoption of cloud computing creates many challenges and opportunities in big data management and storage. To resolve this, many independent software vendors and system integrators are working closely with worldwide IT solution vendors to use the latest technology and make improvements in big data storage. This paper discusses one such collaboration between Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd.* and Intel to optimize the storage infrastructure in their Internet Portal Datacenter (IPDC).

  • Linux*
  • Servidor
  • Intel® Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library (ISA-L)
  • ISA-L
  • Big Data
  • hadoop
  • Intel® Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library
  • Big data (datos a gran escala)
  • Almacenamiento
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