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Long license checkout on Linux with ipv6


There is a delay of ~25 seconds when a floating license is checked out.


Linux* RHEL/CentOS* v7.2

Root Cause:

There is a bug in Red Hat 7.2 which adds a 25 second timeout to a library call used to checkout a floating license when IPv6 is disabled.  Bug is described here.

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  • Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017 Checksums

    The following gives checksums and file sizes for files included in Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017 Composer, Professional, and Cluster Editions. The checksums are created using the cksum utility which is based on the ISO/IEC 8802-3:1996 standard (Ethernet). For more information please see one of the following web sites:

  • Intel® Parallel Studio XE
  • How to Add Users to a Floating License

    A floating license owner can share a floating serial number (SN) with other users from the same email domain. However, it cannot be a public domain such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. By registering the SN each person will be added as a user of that license.

    Existing User:

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  • Intel Software License Manager Installer Beta

    This will no longer be required*. Simply register your SN in Intel® Registration Center (IRC) and proceed to the installation. During the installation the Installer will automatically get the required information from your system, update the information in IRC, generate the license file and place it on the system.
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  • Platform Not Authorized Message

    Issue Description

    When attempting to use 2016 products such as VTune Amplifier with a floating license, you may encounter errors such as:

    (License server does not support this feature (-18,327))
    (This platform not authorized by license (-89,337))

    This error is caused by an outdated license server.


    Login to the Intel® Registration Center to download the latest license server. 

  • Intel® License Manager para FLEXlm*
  • Intel® Cluster Studio SSR End of Life - Questions and Answers

    Issue Description

    • Effective November 13, 2015, Intel® Cluster Studio SSR's will no longer be available for sale.
    • Recent licensing changes will require an upgrade of your current license to receive an updated license to enable use of the 2016 version products, released this past August 2015.


    I am a current Intel® Cluster Studio User with an active license.  What do I need to do to update my license?

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