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What is a UMPC?

An Ultra Mobile PC is a new category of mobile devices optimized for specific usage models such as Internet-to-go, Entertainment-to-go, and Education-to-go, while providing full PC capability and versatility. UMPC devices are expected to be small enough so they are easy to carry, deliver long battery life so you can access information for extended periods of time, have multiple wireless options so you can be connected anytime, and are location aware so it can adapt to your personal needs.

You can access your favorite online games, videos, music, TV shows and more on the go, with the quality you are used to when you are in front of your PC. The UMPC also connects you to people via email, VoIP, Instant Messaging and texting. Additionally, the UMPC platforms are expected to have GPS capabilities which allow it to recognize your whereabouts and provide you with local information.

Is the UMPC going to replace the laptop or PDA?

No. The UMPC is a mobile device designed to access online media and content on the go. It is not designed to process lots of work or write a college thesis. You have your laptop or desktop for these tasks. Instead, the UMPC is a great PC companion.

The UMPC is powerful enough to provide a great gaming, music or video experience. People will have to decide whether they want to replace their dedicated electronic device with the UMPC.

What is the relationship between and Intel?

Intel understands very well the needs around mobility and the enthusiasm the UMPC category creates among people. Therefore, it decided to sponsor a UMPC Community website where enthusiasts could share their thoughts, ideas and comments around this exciting category and the opportunities it creates for users, developers, and customers.

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