Using -par-affinity results in linker error undefined reference to `__kmpc_set_defaults'

Reference Number: DPD200240320

Version: Intel® C++ and Fortran Composer XE 2013, compilers 13.0 and 13.1

Product: Intel® C++ and Fortran Composer XE

Operating System: Windows*, Linux*, OS X*

Problem Description: In the Intel® Composer XE 2011 C++ and Fortran compilers (versions 12.0 and 12.1), the compiler silently ignored the /Qpar-affinity and -par-affinity compiler options. This was fixed in Intel Composer XE 2013, but this exposed another issue with the option's implementation that now causes a linker error.

Resolution Status: This problem is corrected in Intel® Composer XE 2013 update 3.

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