VTune™ Amplifier XE standalone application hangs


After some users upgraded to VTune™ Amplifier XE Update 5, they were having some issues using the GUI - If users click on VTune Amplifier XE/ "Start" button, VTune Amplifier XE hangs. Uninstalling/reinstalling the product did not help. Command line “amplxe-cl” works smoothly.


This problem happens intermittently. When users upgrade the VTune Amplifier XE product to Update 5, some user data file for GUI configuration is still set for the old product. This will cause unexpected results.


Simply clean up old GUI configuration data, so standalone application will create new configuration files:

- For Microsoft Windows*, delete contents under %AppData%\Intel\Amplifier XE\settings\settings\standalone_gui

- For Linux*, delete contents under $HOME/.intel/amplxe/settings/settings/standalone_gui

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