What's New in Intel® Array Building Blocks (for Intel Ct Users)

Intel® Array Building Blocks (Intel® ArBB) is the new name of the product that evolved from Intel's Ct Technology and from the RapidMind Development product. New users should consult the Release Notes (Linux* and Windows*) to see the key features that Intel® ArBB provides. For users who previously used Ct, the following list summarizes new features since Ct Beta 2.

What's New since Ct Beta 2

  1. Completely re-designed syntax to focus on ease-of-use
  2. Syntax now conforms to C++ standard library conventions
  3. Simplified access to data in Intel® ArBB types (previously, Ct types)
  4. Support for user-defined classes
  5. Simplified function calling interface
  6. Introduction of closure to allow powerful runtime specialization
  7. Control flow improvements
  8. Simplified debugger integration with Microsoft* Visual Studio* and GDB
  9. Data-parallel virtual machine specification (the full documentation of the virtual machine API will be published in a few days)
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