It's the passion that works

For last few months we have been busy with software development for ISN. We migrated forums from one of the external vendors and moved it inhouse. We developed blogs, wiki, tagging and so many other cool features. It gives a great feeling of job satisfaction. It feels different. Everything is different and cool working here. The very fact that whatever we develop will be instantly seen and used by world wide developer community is fascinating.

At the "future of web apps" conference that I attended in San Francisco this week, it was all about Passion. Kevin rose talked about how he developed from ground zero. He had very little money in his pocket but loads of passion with him. Passion made it work!

Carl Sjogreen talked about how he and his team of 3 engineers developed Google calendar. He said - what's more important is to develop software for people who don't want to use it. That hit me hard. Yes, he is right. It's always important to keep in mind people who either hates our software or people who are completely ignorant. That should be our target audience. Another key thing is - everything within the product needs to be centralized, otherwise things will start falling apart. He shared 6 key learnings, which I want to share it with you (these are great things to keep in mind, by the way):

1. Easy is the most important feature - keep it simple, simple, simple
2. Know your real competion - it's not always the product or people
3. Visual design matters - first impression is the last impression
4. Build products for people who don't want to use them
5. Timing launch properly
6. Driving usage properly

Michael Arrington from Techcrunch shared some secrets about attributes of winners and losers, which I think it's true:

Winner attributes:
1. Passion for what they are doing
2. Doing something extraordinary (purple cow)
3. Removing serious friction

Loser attribute:
1. Lifestyle / Ego entrepreneurs
2. Spent too much money
3. Over business planned

In my little experience in web development and management, I have experienced that it is very important to stay focussed on what you are doing, and what you really want. Focus on Execution. A brilliant idea is worth nothing until it is executed properly. Mike Davidson from Newswine said - Don't talk. Write code.

I could feel the joy & passion in every corner of Palace of Arts that hosted Future of Web Apps conference with 800 talented and enthusiastic developers & architects. There was just one thing common in all 800 attendees - Passion.

It's the passion that works... Really...

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