What me worry?

Look. There are a couple cores on my chip. The way things seem to be going, there may be a whole bunch of them someday. Who knows, one day the stupid thing might be so lousy with them it looks like a fly's eyeball. Do I care?

Should I?

What sort of software application even needs to be multi-threaded? What if I spend all that time and effort threading my app for multiple cores, it doesn't run any faster and chicks still don't dig me?

How do I even know I'm ready for threading? Maybe I'm not. Maybe my software isn't ready for it. How the heck will I know?

Maybe the whole multi-core thing is just hype. Maybe Penn and Teller should have a look at it for their next cable series...or...are the benefits real and I REALLY need to do something...

Where do I go? I'm full of anxiety just thinking about it...can someone out there help me?
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