What if the whole Ultra Mobile PC became the game controller?

The Intel team is getting very excited about the new mobile platforms that are about to launch this spring. We've been talking about how the configuration can be extended and use cases. I'm excited about the game market and how consumer will use the platforms. There has been a lot of buzz in the market around game controls with accelerometer, force feedback, and motion control giving user more kenetic input (al la Wii). I was thinking that it would be cool to have an ultra mobile PC driving game that used the rotation of the device to control the steering of your car.

And to make the driving experience even better it would be great if it rotated the image on the screen to keep it level with the horizon. I think that this would me a great gaming experience. You could even have a bluetooth strain gauge Velcro to your shoes for gas and break. And to reduce fatigue a simple bracket could be added with a swivel mount for attaching it to a table or seat in front of you. Have any of you seen a product or mod out there like this?
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