It is time to crush, smash and bomb your opponents: Join the action at the Intel Xeon Robo Brawl.

Build your own robot and then boost it with enough protection, speed and arsenal to fight in the battle ring. Oh man … it is ruthless out there – kill or get killed. In spite of my best efforts, which lasted about 30 mins, my robot "smtbot" managed to rank only at 1293. Please note that the top 3 ranked players win a HP workstation. Game on! Play RoboBrawl!

"Robo Brawl" was built by Intel and "oh yeah" you guessed it right, there definitely is some higher level technical purpose to this game. It was designed to be an entertaining way to learn how to configure & optimize servers. "Robo Brawl" is a fun game where you earn points to unlock Intel Xeon features that boost performance, incorporate virtualization or improve energy efficiency of your robot.

You can play with some key server characteristics/configurations like the more "energy efficient" your Server .aka. Robot is the longer it will last in the battle field. I think Virtualization relates to the robot being more adaptable to the different challenges your opponent throws at you and higher agility/speed obviously relates to performance.

My first impression -- Not too bad for a flash based game and it helps to kill time when forced to attend some boring meeting. And please don't ask me why a "ladies hand bag" (or that is what I think it is) happens to be a lethal weapon, or maybe I don't know because my wife has not used it on me yet.

Do let me know if you are interested to try out the multi-player game option with me.

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