Simplifying Multicore Optimization for Enterprise Applications

There has been much written and discussed about the technology advantages and business value of multi-core computing. At Oracle Open World last week, Intel's CEO provided several compelling examples of how multi-core computing can improve business outcomes, save dollars, and even potentially save lives.

Selecting a vendor who delivers a highly optimized application platform for multi-core hardware is the most direct path to realizing that value proposition. However, not all business problems are solved by packaged platforms; often a level of company specific development is required to support the need for IT solutions. In those cases, it can be more challenging to realize the performance and scalability advantages of multi-core. To ease this challenge, there are a number of resources available to developers in the form of training, libraries and development kit tooling at the Intel® Multi-Core Community.

One question that I often get asked is: Are there higher order development tools above libraries (like the TBB) or tuning tools (like VTUNE) that can ease the implementation of company specific application functions or extensions that are multi-core optimized?

As it turns out this is another good application of a SOA “Soft” Appliance, like Intel SOA Expressway. Using tooling like this allows the developer to visually define process orchestrations, setup discrete, modular functionality as reusable services, and implement solutions to specific company problems like data conversions and security enforcement policies without writing code. Yet at runtime, these functions run in a finely tuned and highly optimized manner for multi-core hardware. It is the simplest way to get the full performance and scalability benefits of multi-core processing when developing custom solutions to a specific enterprise application need.

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