The need for a "Right-Sized" SOA

I have been writing over the last month or so about how the adoption of SOA is evolving in organizations and that in most cases tactical deployment is occuring by individual business domain driving the need for a "Right-sized" federated SOA which segments and connects an enterprise architecture through appropriately targeted layers of technology

A recent report by Forrester Research "Building Interoperability And Federation Into Your SOA Platform Strategy" describes this trend in some detail and in particular the importance of "... architects to segment their SOA platform strategy and build in an extra level of interoperability and federation between different SOA domains...".  Key to this advice is making architecture and technology decisions which are purpose fit and "right sized" to the key business problems of connecting SOA across the enterprise and not to over extend, unecessarily reuse or let "accidents of history" extend individual domain solutions beyond their useful role.

In November, we will be sharing more specifics about these industry trends and evolving architectures through a series of webinars and industry events.  As part of the series, we will describe how right-sized SOA architectures and technology such as  Intel SOA Expressway which are purposed built for connecting SOA domains into an enterprise whole optimize integration, performance, security and managbility of key enterprise services and process workflows.

More details on these events will come in the next few posts.

Thanks for getting this far...


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