Useful iPhone Applications and tips

When browsing the App store, you can be overwhelmed by the choices.  One great way to help with this is to find apps that others recommend.  Here’s a few that I have found useful, along with others my kids and associates have enjoyed.

I’ve really enjoyed playing WordWarp with my kids.  It’s a very simple game; you are given 6 letters and then dashes that represent all possible word combinations for those letters.  You have 2 minutes to enter in as many of the words as you can, and if you get a 6 letter word your score will combine with the next round and build for a high score.  It’s a fun game and helps you build vocabulary skills.  The only negative is that some of the words are so obscure; they must have used a scrabble dictionary to build the lists.  The game is so compelling that my kids sit around and yell words as they play this. 

For an impressive UI and a very useful App, I have to go with Bloomberg.  This financial application provides financial news, quotes and supports an impressive array of ways to view your data along with allowing you to enter your portfolio to watch.  I’ll admit to spending time in the news reader as the financial world has imploded in the last few weeks.  Check out the feature where rotating your iPhone changes the UI in the stock quotes mode, that is really cool! 

Airsharing is an application that gives you the ability to see your iPhone as a storage device over a wireless network.  I was fortunate enough to get this app during it’s free demo period and have been happy I did.  It’s a very easy way to use your iPhone for carrying around files and works simply and well. 

One tip, watch for free demos like I mentioned for Airsharing.  It appears that once you have an application you receive future updates without having to pay even if they change to a pay version.  It’s been nice to get updated versions and not have to worry about update fees, at least so far ;-)

Any great apps you’ve enjoyed using?  What kinds would you enjoy for your MID?  With the MID an open platform we’ll be able to enjoy an incredible array of great applications.

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Useful iPhone Applications and Tips part 2

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