Parallel Programming Talk - Best of 2008 with Tonya Bowes

Clay and Aaron's February 3rd show was a best of 2008 with special guest Tonya Bowes, marketing manager for the Parallel Programming and Multi-Core community.


First the news:
When to Say No to Parallelism by Sanjiv Shah was just published. Take a moment to give it a read and learn about how answering this questions requires not only technical expertise but also strategic thinking that evaluates the business benefits and costs.

The new Thinking in Parallel - Three Engineers' Viewpoints  will give you some insight into what Clay Breshears, Tim Mattson and Henry Gabb have learned during their career. The article shares their expertise, advice and experience with developers everywhere.

Parallel Programming Talk wants to hear from you! Send Clay and Aaron your questions, comments, ideas or areas of interest and we'll do our bet to get it on the show. The email is Starting March 3, 2009 we will be using the show on the first Tuesday to read and reply to listener mail.

Show notes:
Tonya Bowes works closely with Aaron and Clay to market and promote the Parallel Programming for Multi-Core community. During the year she contributed significantly to the communities growth and expanded leadership role among global software developers. Key highlight that we discussed during the show were:

  • The Release of Intel AVX - is a 256 bit instruction set extension to SSE and is designed for applications that are floating point intensive.

  • The Intel Threading Challenge - with our overall contest winner, Peter Trifonov (Bugman) who won the grand prize of an Apple Macbook Pro laptop.

  • The Launch of the Intel Core i7 processor and the release of the Software Development Kit for developers to write code to take advantage of the next generation micro architecture's performance and power management innovations.

  • The Announcement of the Intel Black Belt Community Recognition Program with our first multi-core experts Jim Dempsey and Igor Levicki.

  • The 2008 Game Demo Contest and it's guest blogger Tommy Refenes and his winning entry Goo!

Tonya shared some of the exciting projects in the works for 2009. Keep an eye out for a news about the next Coding Challenge, new Intel AVX tools, the launch of Parallel Studio and the March 23, 2009 Game Developer Conference. 

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Next on Parallel Programming Talk

On the Feb 10th show Clay and Aaron will be talking with Intel experts Nash Palaniswamy and Wes Shimanek about tools and techniques to do Forward Scaling for High Performance Computing.

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