Moblin Beta and VirtualBox

Yesterday I installed Moblin version 2 Beta on my Asus eeePC 901, a netbook with a little Atom processor in it. It's been fun to walk it around with me yesterday and today showing people the future of our work here.

I thought it would be kind of cool to try it out in a virtual machine on my Core i7 desktop system (previously code named Nehalem).

So I loaded up the latest VirtualBox v2.2 from the web site, copied the .img file, and fired it up.

The live CD install went well, and to my pleasant surprise, before too long I was gazing at the M-Zone. Everything worked! I was surprised because Moblin makes a lot of use of the 3D graphics subsystem and needs compositing working before it will work correctly. But I was able to navigate around reasonably well.

Now it wasn't perfect. The animated desktop didn't really function the same way it would on a real netbook. In fact, the animations didn't work at all. And the screen size seemed off for some reason. But as I said, it was at least serviceable.

I did set up the virtual machine to have 3D acceleration enabled and threw 64M at the virtualized graphics card.

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