GPA 2.1 Feature Highlight: Pixel History based on Overdraw Visualization

Pixel history has been the most requested feature from the gaming community since the launch of Intel GPA. The great news is that we have added this feature to our currently available 2.1 release. The cool thing about how Intel GPA Frame Analyzer implements pixel history is that you can take a history from not only a normal render target, but also from a render target that has a visualization enabled!

For example, Intel GPA 2.1 has a gray scale overdraw visualization mode per render target. With overdraw mode enabled, you can trivially select a pixel that has a large amount of overdraw (lighter pixels have more overdraw then darker) and immediately understand exactly which draw calls contribute to the overdraw at that pixel location. This is absolutely my favorite new feature in Intel GPA 2.1.

Download Intel GPA 2.1 and try it out for yourself.

As always, I would love to hear your feedback regarding this feature or Intel GPA in general. Feel free to leave a comment here or provide feedback on the GPA website forum.

Here are a few screenshots:

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