SP1 for Intel® Parallel Studio - service pack worth installing!

Intel® Parallel Studio Service Pack 1 is now available, adding support for Windows* 7.

SP1 is well worth downloading and installing - here are some of the reasons:

  1. Intel Parallel Inspector and Intel Parallel Amplifier can be driven (for automating test suites) from the command line now.
  2. Bug fixes - of course - not many issues needed fixing, but you may appreciate the ones bugs that were found and fixed!
  3. Windows 7 support (Intel Parallel Studio came before Windows 7, now that it is released - we had a few things to update)
  4. TBB 2.2 and other improvements to align with the upcoming Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

I'm sure there are more - these are the highlights as I see them. 

Download SP1 - you'll be glad you did!

See the release notes for more details - skip the main document if you want to read about what is new and useful - read the three individual documents.

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