Red Hat's State of the Union

Jim Whitehurst, President and CEO of Red Hat, wrote a post about the State of the Union at Red Hat modeled after the presidential State of the Union address. Red Hat certainly kept busy in 2009! Here are just a few highlights that I found particularly noteworthy:

    • "Red Hat has grown at double-digit rates in both revenue and headcount throughout the course of the recession. Open source appears to be thriving in a down economy and reduced IT budgets drew many CIOs to take a closer look at open source as a cost-effective solution." Sebastian Rupley posted an analysis of Red Hat's growth during the recession on the GigaOM blog that has a few more details about the strategies behind the recent growth at Red Hat.

    • "Red Hat greatly expanded its cloud initiatives in 2009 as open source emerged as a foundational element for both public and private clouds." These initiatives include: the Premier Cloud Provider Certification and Partner Program, partnerships with Amazon and Verizon, Open Source Cloud Computing Forum event, Deltacloud, and more.

    • "Red Hat announced the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers in November. The portfolio is designed to enable pervasive adoption of virtualization with a comprehensive end-to-end solution combining a standalone hypervisor and powerful virtualization management."

    • "Our middleware business continues to grow at a faster pace than Red Hat’s platform business, making it a growth engine for the company. Middleware momentum accelerated in 2009 with several announcements including the JBoss Open Choice application platform strategy."

    • "Red Hat was selected by Standard and Poor’s for including in the S&P 500 stock index in July."

The above quotes all came from the State of the Union at Red Hat post. For more Red Hat highlights, you should read the entire blog post.

I wish every company took the time to look back and summarize their accomplishments over the past year. This is a great way to see at glance what the company has been doing over the past year and catch up on anything that I missed the first time around.

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