Parallel Programming Talk #81 - Robert Chesebrough's Experiences Parallelizing a Game using OpenMP

Welcome to Show 81 of Parallel Programming Talk. Today is June 15th and were talking with Robert Chesebrough about his experiences Parallelizing a Game using OpenMP

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July 12 - Threading Challenge Phase 1 Problem 2 Closes

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Announcing Intel Concurrent Collections for Haskell 0.1

Intel Unveils New Product Plans for High-Performance Computing Intel® Many Integrated Core Chips at the International Supercomputing Conference last week.

  • The first product codenamed "Knights Corner" will target Intel's 22nm process and use Moore's Law to scale to more than 50 Intel cores.

  • Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Many Integrated Core architecture-based products to share common tools, software algorithms and programming techniques.

  • Products build upon Intel's history of many-core related research including Intel's "Larrabee" program and Single-chip Cloud Computer.

  • The share of the TOP500 list that features Intel processors grows to 408 systems, nearly 82 percent.

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New key features:

  • New performance optimziations for the Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel AVX) for faster floating point operations in signal processing and image processing domains for the upcoming Sandy Bridge processors.

  • Intel® AES-NI optimization

  • Improved performance and new capabilities for high-level Data Compression Libraries (zlib, bzip2, gzip and lzo)

  • Improved JPEG codec multicore performance scaling, now up to 6x speedup on 8-core systems.

  • New JPEG-XR CODEC, (aka HD Photo) a new image compression standard which provides

UPCRC Illinois Summer School to be held July 19-23, 2010 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Prerequisites for the summer school include solid programming experience (C, C++, C# or Java languages) and a demonstrated interest in applying multicore programming to academic or professional pursuits.

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On Today's Show:

Robert Chesebrough is a Senior Course Architect in the Intel Innovative Software Education team, and is responsible for bringing new course content to the ISE portfolio. He has been a contributing manager and/or course ware developer and instructor for Intel Software College for over 8 years. He spearheaded Intel's effort in the High School Parallelism boot cap at Brooklyn Technical High School in July 2009 and continues to spearhead efforts with mid school & high school education with the New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge.

Robert Chesebrough has blogged extensively about his experiences Parallelizing a Game using OpenMP.

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