Hi, Meego, Welcome to China!

Last month, after attending Renee's keynote at IDF, who announced the coming release of the first Meego Tablet made by WeTab from Germany, I decided to write a blog about it for my friends at China ISN.  With many Chinese Media reporters wearing famous media and company logo passing around taking videos/photos, I  wondered that I may need to find something that is unique, and special that people on other side of the world are interested. After playing around that shinning Meego tablet at Appup Center booth with my colleagues, I decided to pay attention to the User Interface and Apps, and wrote my first blog for IDF 2010 : 世界首款Meego Tablet解密 (Demystification of the First Meego Tablet using Atom) and put it on Chinese ISN.

Days latter, my blog has become one of the most popular messages for “ Meego is coming” in China. Embedded the key message "With apps continuously added from high profile world-class partners , including Best buy (百思买), Amazon(亚马逊)Kinder eBook Reader application, Barnes & Noble Nook eReader, Sega games,  and Unity and others etc., Intel Appup is adding a jet engine to Meego and other Atom platform, and making it leaping ahead with  all new Appup center, Hardware, Operating Systems, Software and Tools together", the blog has been re-published/re-posted on some of the most popular China’s tech portals,  government site such as China Radio International ( CRI.com), popular tech forum and developer community as well as several iPhone/iPad site such as Hong Kong Apple Store.  You may recognize some of those logos. As a matter of fact, many of sites are very popular  in China with # of visitors in 5+ digits everyday).

Click each Logo to go to the article re-published on that website (by its staff). Just looking at the photos will tell you everything. If you want to read Chinese, Google Translator is the most convenient one.

The message is clear:  Hi, Meego, Welcome to China!

China National Radio International Online

China Software Developer Network Meego Community

China IT Info Portal
China Most popular IT Portal PCPOP China Mobile News China ZDNet (China Cnet)

China PC Home Portal China Blog Portal: China IT Store
Apple Official Hong Kong Store China Top News World China Top Search Engine Baidu Doc
China Meego Official Portal Beijing Apple Store Portal (Apple Hong Kong Official Site)China Hudong (World’s largest Chinese Encyclopedia)
IT168.com China Apple News Killer Software Portal
China SmartBook #1 Portal China Cutt Portal Intel Channel(Chinese Twitter)China #1 Tablet Community:
China Open Source Community Portal China Meego Fan Network

China Meego/QT/Symbian Community

China IT Perday News China #1 MID Portal China MeeGo Development Community
Official MeeGo中文站 --米趣网 China Online Tech Newspaper Portal China OK Tablet

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