- Agent compiled on Xen

Over the long weekend I kept fixing bugs on, thanks for all who are providing feedback. In this blog, I want to talk about the new port of the mesh agent . The mesh agent has been compiled on Linux for quite a while, but a few days back I compiled it for the first time on Xen, the OS visualization layer. This allows someone to install the mesh agent directly inside the visualization layer of a computer under all the other hosted operating systems. Very nice to perform remote management and remote OS control. The main use here is to be able to route TCP connections over the peer-to-peer mesh and within the Xen "domain 0" layer, but I am sure there are many other usages. I am not a specialize of Xen, I never really used it, but after porting it over, it does seem really powerful. In the screen shot below, I take control of the Xen SDK OS from MeshCentral and run "top". The mesh agent is compiled to about 240k.

Another thing of interest is that you can now install the Mesh Agent in Linux with a few command lines. It's practical to do it this way because you can cut & paste a few lines in a SSH terminal and get the agent running. In this case, the again will not auto-start, just run once.

mkdir /usr/local/mesh
cd /usr/local/mesh
wget -O mesh_xen.msh
wget -O mesh_xen
chmod 755 ./mesh_xen
./mesh_xen start

Here, the line of X's is the mesh identifier in HEX. The "agent = 8" is the agent type. Type 8 is Xen-Linux, 7 is MIPS (Broadcom/Linksys Routers) and 6 is 64bit Linux (Ubuntu 10.04). Still difficult to install, but we will be working on making is simpler.


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