Cloudy with a chance of security - and a holiday bonus just for you.

After spending the University Day of the Management Developers Conference being put into my place, I spent the next three days getting up to speed on some of the latest topics concerning manageability and security. MDC 2010 was organized into 3 tracks each day. Day 1 – Diagnostics, Virtualization and DMTF. Day 2 – SMI-S, Cloud and Developer. Day 3 – Systems, Security and Other. My multitasking abilities are pretty good – but attending 3 sessions at the same time is a bit much even for me. And since I lost my Time Turner, I was forced to make some hard decisions on what sessions to attend. Luckily the majority of the sessions have their presentations posted on the MDC schedule, so I was able to take a peek at what I missed. The good news for you is that I have the login and password for the site and the kind people who run the MDC have agreed to let me share it with the community.

Days 2 and 3 were the most educational and exciting for me. Sure a few of the presenters were from Intel, but that’s not the real reason. It was all the talk about the “Cloud” that really got me going. It wasn’t only me, everyone else in attendance really perked up during these sessions. The usually polite and quiet attendees of Day 1 were now engaged and interactive. Day 3’s track may have been titled Security, but it easily could have been changed to Cloud Security. Everyone agreed that cloud computing was going to play a role in the future of computing, but they also agreed that the security of the cloud is the number one reason why many are hesitant to adopt. Billy Cox and Blake Dournaee, both from Intel, provided two great sessions to address cloud security concerns. In Billy’s session “Building a secure and power efficient cloud”, he reviewed his work in the Cloud Builder program where he actually setup and tested clouds with trusted pools and power management. Blake’s "Managing Secure Access to the Cloud” covered typical security and manageability challenges with Enterprise and Cloud integration, and introduced Split Point’s novel solutions to address those challenges.

Here’s your little holiday bonus:
You can check out Billy’s, Blake’s and all the other MDC presentations online @ Use MDC2010 and mdcr0ck$! to gain access.

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