- Mesh agent on Android

Over the weekend, I downloaded the Android kernel on my Ubuntu Linux computer and attempted to port the peer-to-peer mesh agent over to Android. Since the mesh agent makes use of OpenSSL, etc. I did not use the Android NDK, instead I got the entire Kernel and compiled directly to the Android environment. It took many hours to figure things out and write my own Android makefile, but at 2am on Saturday, I had it working.

This is not a typical installation yet, but in the demo I recorded this morning (below) I show how you can browse the file system of the Android device from the web site... better yet, I show how you can do it from another phone. The desktop web site works just was well, but if you can do it from an iPod Touch, why not!

I did not show this in the video, but powering off or rebooting the Android device from MeshCentral also works. Sadly, shelling to the Android Linux command prompt from MeshCentral does not work, this is a limitation of Android.

This is my first post using my HD WebCam, envoy!


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