Engine Yard Launches Grant Program to Support Open Source Developers

One of the biggest conundrums in open source software development is how to fund a project. It's tough to attract and keep OSS contributors or sustain long-term project growth with little to no cash flow, but open source projects are rarely moneymakers during the critical early days of development. Engine Yard, a cloud computing Platform-as-a-Service for Ruby on Rails, recently launched a grant program to help ease the financial burden for developers working on open source projects that represent value to the larger OSS community.

The Engine Yard OSS Community Grant Program supports developers by giving them the means to attend conferences and speaking opportunities, create documentation, develop marketing campaigns, and more.

"Engine Yard believes passionately in the value of open source software and this program is an example of our commitment to the community. We want to ensure critical open source projects have long-term, healthy lives and OSS contributors can successfully grow their user and contributor bases," Dr. Nic Williams, vice president of technology, said in a prepared statement.

The most recent grant went to Mitchell Hashimoto, creator of Vagrant, a tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments. Williams says the grant package supplied by Engine Yard will help fund various aspects of Vagrant's development, and receive additional exposure from inclusion in upcoming Engine Yard webinars and blog posts.

Williams requests you email him directly if you want to learn more about the program or are interested in applying for a grant (be sure to include a link to your project). This company is doing a great thing by supporting OSS developers and helping advance project development. If you know of similar programs offered by other tech companies, please share in the comments.

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