My daughter is addicted.. to Angry Birds

Ok…my daughter is 14 and is a recent addict…to Angry Birds. This simple game has topped the ITunes charts in 2010. A couple of nights ago we went to dinner and my usually chatty daughter sat there playing this game on her iPhone. I told her to put away her phone, and she replied “Just one more, I am about to beat this level!” She tells me she has introduced this game to her friends at high school but is proud that she can play it better than others so far. I have played this game too and found it….simple. The idea is to catapult angry birds on structures built by “bad” pigs and get them to break down and save their eggs. As you succeed you keep progressing levels.

Seeing the passion behind playing and winning this game, a thought crossed my mind – we are now seeing a new genre of “few minutes” gamers playing “snack sized” games. We typically think of gamers as people who spend hours playing games but not anymore. There is an entire new genre of gamers who are much younger and play in time intervals of minutes vs hours. According to a study by ESA 25% of gamers are below the age of 18 and per a study on Gamasutra 90% of US teens are playing online and casual games. This is a huge % of the age group which in my opinion has not been tapped by game developers. This same study also found that 30% of boys reported COD as their most favorite game. Considering that this is a M rated game, it shows that there is a huge market to provide immersive experiences to this age group that are age appropriate. With the growth of mobile form factors which have become viable gaming platforms, like smart phones and net books, the opportunity to create interesting, age appropriate games that can be played on the go will continue to explode. Are you a developer working on games targeted at teens and tweens? Would love to hear from you!

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