Intel System Defense Utility v1.9.3

Intel System Defense Utility

Last night I noticed that the new version of Intel System Defense Utility (ISDU) has been posted on the Intel site. ISDU is a lightweight tool that comes with Intel Executive Series motherboard and allows users to get familiar with the features available with Intel AMT. For my part, I am very honored to be working more closely on this tool this year and so, started bug fixing and adding more features a few months back. Here are some of the changes in this version.

  • Added WSMAN support in the core stack to use new features found in Intel AMT 5.0 and beyond.

  • Improved UI resizing & general appearance. Controls are aligned and resize with the form.

  • Added KVM support. Can now change the KVM settings in Intel AMT & configure a KVM viewer (not provided).

  • Added event log caching support. Since the log is large, it takes time to load. It will not cause the UI to freeze during loading.

  • Now 64bit native. ISDU will now run native on 64 bit machines with a 64bit version of Microsoft Windows.

  • Added TLS support. If the Intel AMT certificate is not trusted, connection will have a red icon.

  • Added peer-to-peer Intel AMT discovery support. All Intel AMT computers will automatically be discovered if they run a special OS agent.

  • Added alarm clock support. For Intel AMT 6.0 and higher this allows administrator to setup recurring automatic wakeup policies.

  • Added self-update system. When a new version of ISDU is avaiable, user will be prompted for automatic update.

For people that have been following my work on Mesh networking, I added initial support it in this version, so if you are running the mesh agents on your network, ISDU will automatically discover and show all Intel AMT computers with a few seconds.

If you have suggestions of feedback about this tool, please let me know.


ISDU screen shot
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