SIGCSE 2011 Photo Booth Tour!

A quick photo tour of the Academic Community SIGCSE 2011 booth....

Jesus Yuriar demoing the ASU, Carl Hayden, and Intel (ACIA) autobot. ASU students used Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) to create a development environment supporting Visual Programming Language (VPL). VPL is simple enough for high school students to program autonomous robots and learn computing concepts. The ACIA robot is equipped with four independent motors and eight sonar sensors, each of which is managed by a service, resulting in a complex multithreaded application.

Professor Ashish Amresh and Ryan Anderson demoing parallel computing development using video games... They have developed a series of games ideal for faculty interested in integrating parallel programming into undergraduate curricula. Each game starts in serial, and can be parallelized to improve performance. Each demo teaches a different parallelism concept.


Professor Ed Carr and graduate student Josh Adams presenting their demo on high performance biometric recognition. They used OpenMP to parallelize genetic algorithms and vastly increase performance.

Jennifer Teal Levine from the Academic Community encouraging a professor to apply for the Microgrant Award program. Intel will be providing awards of USD $500-$1500 to academics to help develop course materials around parallelism.

All in all, lots of discussion about the Academic Community, Intel Academic Community MeeGo Program, Intel® Manycore Testing Lab, robotics, gaming, and biometric recognition....For those that weren't able to make it to SIGCSE this year, we wish you were here! Hopefully, we will see you next year! :-)

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